New Omega Turbo Charger HPA Compressor Video

Be warned! Once you have bought your own HPA compressor, do can’t live without one. Steve Scialli’s latest production is an Omega Turbo Charger HPA compressor video.

The Omega Turbo Charger is a twin piston version of the same manufacturer’s SuperCharger compressor we reviewed in HAM some time back. It gives faster filling times, together with some improved control capabilities.

Steve’s Omega Turbo Charger HPA compressor video shows you how to set up the Turbo Charger. It can then be used to fill an air rifle directly, or – more typically – fill a large capacity HPA tank.

Steve describes the Omega Turbo Charger as a “prosumer” device. HAM agrees. This is clearly not a low price compressor, but one with a high duty cycle for serious HPA filling capabilities. You can read more about it in this HAM story.

Although both the Omega Supercharger and Turbo Charger have an air purge valve that can be set to operate as desired, the HAM Team uses our SuperCharger with a Diablo Dry Air System. This ensures dry air is passed into the HPA tank when filling.

And – just to be clear – we do not have our Omega compressor running on the living room carpet. Steve obviously has a very tolerant wife!

And you can read more about the manufacturer of Omega compressors in this recent HAM story.