New RTI Prophet Video Review

HAM tested the RTI Prophet back in January 2021. Now there’s a RTI Prophet video review from Jared at Airguns of Arizona. It’s definitely worth watching!

Like HAM, Jared tests the Prophet in its “Performance” package and in .22 caliber. This is the configuration that won the 50 Yard Benchrest competition at EBR 2019. So we know how accurate it can be!

New RTI Prophet Video Review

In addition, Jared also tests the Prophet in .177 and .25 calibers. So this is useful additional information to add to that published in HAM.

Jared achieved 225 consistent shots in .177 caliber using 10.6 Grain H&N Baracuda Match pellets. Average Muzzle velocity is 880 FPS, giving a Muzzle Energy of 18.3 Ft/Lbs per shot.

In .22 caliber, the gun delivered 91 consistent shots per fill. Shooting 25.39 Grain JSB Monster pellets at an average of 961 FPS, that gives a Muzzle Velocity of 52 Ft/Lbs per shot. (The gun tested by HAM produced similar, but slightly higher numbers with marginally less consistency).

New RTI Prophet Video Review

Moving to .25 caliber, the same air rifle delivered 90 consistent shots at 876 FPS using 33.9 Grain JSB King pellets. That’s an average Muzzle Energy of 57.7 Ft/Lbs per shot.

That’s excellent performance from this Slovenian-manufactured airgun. Particularly one that’s less than 32 Inches long overall. As Jared comments in the video “It’s hard to get better performance than this”.

The HAM Team loved the Prophet and awarded it a Gold Award for its performance on test. We also covered the specifications in detail – together with some of the gun’s more unusual features – in an additional story.

As with the HAM test, Jared achieves outstanding accuracy in this RTI Prophet video review.

RTI Prophet Performance, Black