New Sightron SVIII 5-40×56 Riflescope With LRM Reticle – It’s A Cracker!

You’ll have seen the banner ads in HAM offering an amazing $900 saving on the Sightron SVIII 5-40×56 riflescope with LRM reticle. But what’s this First Focal Plane scope actually like? What do you get for the money?

Well, yes, you can get a lot of information on the Sightron website, however let’s take a close look at this scope and see what it offers the serious long range airgun shooter. After all, even with the $900 savings, this is still a $2K scope!

But I can tell you right away, I was impressed…

Sightron SVIII Riflescope With LRM Reticle

First, let’s settle any possible confusion about the name. The “SVIII” moniker is actually pronounced “S Eight”, as might be expected by Latin scholars out there. It’s not “S V Three” although the “III” is the Latin rendition for “3”. (P.S. Does anyone actually learn Latin nowadays?).

So “S Eight” it is!

When you first open the beautiful packaging, you realize that this scope is something out of the ordinary. It’s BIG!

Yes, at 16.8 Inches overall length, it’s only an inch or two longer than some other high magnification scopes. Given the high 40x maximum magnification, we never expected it to be exactly a compact unit. And – of course – that large 56mm objective lens diameter means that it’s going to be large up-front.

Actually, it’s something else. As is likely to be the case for many people, this is the first scope I’ve closely examined that has a 40mm diameter tube. That makes a huge difference and brings a much “chunkier” feel and appearance to the LVIII.

New Sightron SVIII 5-40x56 Riflescope With LRM Reticle

In the hand, the looks and feel of this scope provide an immediate impression of outstanding quality. This is a simple scope in the sense that it has a minimum of “bells and whistles”. The emphasis is on mechanical and optical perfection.

That 40mm diameter gives a significantly-larger area through the tube than for even the large 34mm diameter becoming more common on high-end riflescopes. In fact, there’s an amazing 38% more area than even a 34mm tube. Make that 78% more than the area through a 30mm tube!

That larger tube allows for a very considerable adjustment range for both elevation and windage. In fact, the Sightron SVIII 5-40×56 riflescope provides no less than 40 MRAD of elevation adjustment. At 100 Yards, that represents no less than 140-Inches of elevation!

The 1/10 MRAD click adjustments for the turrets give increments of 0.36-Inch at 100 Yards. The turrets themselves are ideally-weighted for rotation and provide 10 MILS of adjustment per revolution.

The clicks are all precise and easy to feel. There’s an indisputable feeling quality when making elevation and windage adjustments.

Furthermore, the massive size of the turrets makes the clear, legible markings extremely easy to read. This is another big advantage for the, er, older shooters (like me) who can find it more challenging to see smaller numbers at close distances and poor lighting.

New Sightron SVIII 5-40x56 Riflescope With LRM Reticle

There’s a simple and easy zero stop mechanism built-in to both elevation and windage turrets. Loosening three setscrews in the turret knob allows it to be removed, revealing the zero stop setting mechanism below.

Loosening one additional setscrew on the zero stop collar allows the zero stop position to be set before replacing the turret knob. The system provides an audible and tactile positive stop for the zero setting.

These tactical-style turrets are not lockable. However they remain in the set position well and are not easily moved by inadvertent contact. Both turrets are equipped with Sightron’s exclusive ExacTrack adjustment system.

This provides proper alignment between the adjustments and the erector tube by maintaining the same constant and accurate point of pressure at zero, right out to extreme adjustments. The result is consistent repeatability and accuracy of adjustment.

As can be seen in all these photographs, the quality of machining, engraving, printing and fitting is extremely high.

The left side turret houses the parallax correcting mechanism and – outside it – the reticle illumination control. As is typical Sightron practice, the parallax correction knob does not have distance figures marked on its circumference. There’s just hash lines.

However the Sightron SVIII 5-40×56 riflescope does focus right down to a claimed 10 Meters minimum distance. In fact, the sample here bettered that. I was able to achieve exact focus at a minimum of just 9 1/2 yards, even when set at the full 40x magnification.

Reticle illumination is controlled by the rotary dial. This includes 11 different brightness levels, each separated by an “off” position. The full hash-marked section of the reticle is illuminated.

Although there is a version of the Sightron SVIII 5-40×56 riflescope available with the MH-6 “Christmas Tree” reticle, the etched-glass LRM reticle on this scope has a simple, yet precise hashed arrangement.

Sightron SVIII 5-40x56 riflescope

The view above shows the Field of View at 15 x power. As with all FFP scopes, the reticle subtends a constant size with respect to the target as magnification is changed. This allows the “holdover” method of sighting to be employed at any magnification, without the complexities and limitations required when using Second Focal Plane reticles.

At the full 40x magnification, approximately 5 Mils of angle are visible on the reticle, either side of the center – out to the fifth hash mark. This represents a Field of View of 2.97 Ft at 100 Yards range.

New Sightron SVIII 5-40x56 Riflescope With LRM Reticle

Image quality is extremely high. Sightron employs Extra low Dispersion (ED) glass in this scope with an unique optical design. In addition,  its exclusive MC-777 multi-layer coating process is used on both surfaces of each lens within the optical path. The result is minimum internal reflection, strong resolution and high contrast images.

The very bright image observed through the scope is also a product of this multi-coating, together with the large – 56mm – diameter of the objective (front) lens.

In a practical test, I was able to resolve the individual lines of the “2 block” indicated by the arrow of the USAAF 1951 Test Target at 60 Yards distance on the maximum 40 x magnification in bright shade. The lines were clearly defined with sharp black and white edges. Wow!

New Sightron SVIII 5-40x56 Riflescope

That “2 block” of 3 black lines plus 2 white spaces measures approximately 0.175 Inches square. As I was able to resolve – just – the individual lines of that block, I was seeing lines that were just 0.035 Inches – 35 Thou – wide at 60 Yards. Very impressive!

This means that a long-range airgun shooter firing benchrest at 100 Yards should find it easy to see his or her impacts on target using .22 caliber, or larger, ammo at maximum magnification.

Moreover, this scope’s huge – 8 times – zoom range gives the user a wide variety of magnification options. Hunters, in particular, will find this of use.

Before opening the box it occurred to me that I had no 40mm rings. Oops! However, there was no need to worry. The Sightron SVIII 5-40×56 riflescope is supplied with a pair of solid steel Picatinny mount rings.

New Sightron SVIII 5-40x56 Riflescope With LRM Reticle

In fact, this is accompanied by a 3-Inch metal lens hood (sun shade), metal screw-in lens caps and other small accessories as shown below.

New Sightron SVIII 5-40x56 Riflescope With LRM Reticle

So this is a big, heavy scope. It weighs 3 Lbs 0.6 Oz without rings, caps or sunshade. But for long range, benchrest shooting, this is manageable. As you can see, it was not too big to mount on a Daystate Delta Wolf and would fit without issues on most conventional (non-bullpup) air rifles.

What the Sightron SVIII 5-40×56 riflescope delivers is great optical and mechanical quality, combined with outstanding elevation adjustment capability. If that’s what you are looking for in a scope for long range shooting, it could be a great choice!

For a limited time, you can buy this outstanding long-range benchrest and hunting scope directly from Sightron with a $900 saving.

SVIII FFP 5-40×56 ED IR Zero Stop Scope