New UTG P.O.I Scope Rings From Leapers

UTG P.O.I scope rings are a recently-introduced line from Leapers. They are at the upper end of the company’s extensive range of scope rings and a set arrived in the HAM offices recently.

In this review, we’re looking at the medium profile UTG P.O.I scope rings with a Picatinny base which accept scopes with a 30 mm tube.

Now, hopefully I’m not alone, but I’ve never been too picky about scope rings. Scope rings are scope rings, right?

Well actually, maybe not…

New UTG P.O.I Scope Rings From Leapers

It’s clear right away that UTG P.O.I scope rings are a considerable improvement on the “cheap and cheerful” scope rings I’ve typically been used to using. As with all Leapers rings, they are supplied with necessary tools – in this case a star wrench.

The P.O.I in the name stands for Precision Optics Interface and it’s clear that Leapers sees these as far more than “just scope rings”.

Leapers stresses that UTG P.O.I scope rings are designed and manufactured in their Michigan facility. They’re part of the company’s US-manufactured UTG Pro range.

New UTG P.O.I Scope Rings From Leapers

The rings are manufactured from 6061-T6 Aluminum with some steel parts and a black anodized finish. They certainly give the impression of size and solidity compared to cheaper rings. Also, there are no projecting screw heads of locking levers that could become snagged on slings or clothes whilst in use.

Fit and finish is very good. the UTG P.O.I scope rings HAM tried were a very close fit onto both the scope tube and Picatinny mounting rails. As you can see, they were a good match for the finish on this FX Impact air rifle.

And unlike many Weaver/Picatinny rings, there’s a solid, rectangular-shaped lug that fits into the rail lugs. This is clearly a more secure method of counteracting recoil than the usual cylindrical cross bolt that’s typically found on cheaper rings.

New UTG P.O.I Scope Rings From Leapers

The UTG P.O.I scope rings designed to fit airgun dovetails have an adjustable scope stop pin, as you would expect.

There’s actually 13 different versions of these rings manufactured by Leapers. They are available to fit both airgun dovetails and Picatinny mounting systems with different tube diameters and height profiles.

Leapers is very clear in defining the specifications for their products. This clarity extends to UTG P.O.I scope rings. The company identifies all the relevant product features, making it easy for the customer to make the correct choice among the various models. We’ve summarized this into the table below.

New UTG P.O.I Scope Rings From Leapers

Note that the Maximum Ring Diameter information assumes a flat top to the gun between the rings and the front bell of the scope. If the scope mount is raised – as on the FX Impact in these photographs – you can use lower rings while still ensuring the front of the scope does not contact the barrel.

You can sort the information by using the up and down arrows in the table below…

Model NumberTube DiameterMounting SystemRing ProfileMax. Scope Objective DiameterSaddle Height
RDU0125151 inchAirgun dovetailMedium55 mm15 mm
RDU0125201 inchAirgun dovetailHigh65 mm20 mm
RWU0125101 inchPicatinnyLow45 mm10 mm
RWU0125151 inchPicatinnyMedium55 mm15 mm
RWU0125201 inchPicatinnyHigh65 mm20 mm
RDU01301030 mmAirgun dovetailLow49 mm10 mm
RDU01301530 mmAirgun dovetailMedium59 mm15 mm
RDU01302230 mmAirgun dovetailHigh73 mm22 mm
RWU01301030 mmPicatinnyLow49 mm10 mm
RWU01301530 mmPicatinnyMedium59 mm15 mm
RWU01302230 mmPicatinnyHigh73 mm22 mm
RWU01341534 mmPicatinnyMedium63 mm15 mm
RWU01342034 mmPicatinnyHigh73 mm20 mm

New UTG P.O.I Scope Rings From Leapers

UTG Pro US Made 30mm Rings, Medium, POI Picatinny
UTG P.O.I Scope Rings 30mm Medium Picatinny