Phillip’s Regulated Marauder Air Rifle Performance Test

A few weeks ago, HAM Publisher Stephen Archer called-in at the Velocity Outdoor headquarters in Bloomfield, New York. While I was waiting, Airgun Product Manager Phillip Guadalupe passed-by the reception desk carrying a regulated Marauder air rifle. That’s the “Field and Target” model.

Of course, he stopped to say “hello”. And also to ask what I was doing there! (I had arrived for a completely different purpose).

Naturally I had to ask Phillip about the air rifle he was carrying. It was, he replied, a .177 caliber Regulated Marauder air rifle he had taken from the production line.

Phillip’s Regulated Marauder Air Rifle Performance Test

Velocity Outdoor tests every PCP they manufacture on a special fixture. That comes after they have already conducted a leak test to ensure the gun hold full pressure.

During this test, a highly-experienced member of the manufacturing team records the Muzzle Velocity. Marauders are adjusted so that FPS matches the company’s internal manufacturing specifications.

Once the Muzzle Velocity has been set, the gun is then given an accuracy test on the fixture. Phillip was holding a test target from this fixture.

But, instead of the normal 5-shot accuracy test, Phillip had fired this regulated Marauder air rifle for 100 shots. He had done this using 10.5 Grain Crosman Ultra Magnum domed pellets.

Then he had run another test. This time firing 90 shots. As you can see, both groups showed great accuracy. Yes, I know the test fixture is at just 10 Yards, but that’s still far enough to give a good indication of accuracy with a large enough group.

Also interesting was the FPS data he had written on the target…

Phillip’s Regulated Marauder Air Rifle Performance Test

The regulated Marauder air rifle Phillip had in his hands showed extremely impressive consistency across the 90-shot string:

Maximum 876 FPS.
Minimum 853 FPS
Extreme Spread 33 FPS
Standard Deviation 3 FPS

It’s interesting to compare these results from this regulated Marauder to those of the .22 caliber gun tested by HAM some time back.

PhiIlip’s test was definitely not conducted for publication – we just stumbled into each other by chance that day. His test was purely for internal use. But I whipped-out my iPhone and that unscheduled meeting was recorded for posterity…

Thanks Phillip!

Benjamin Marauder Field And Target Air Rifle
Benjamin Marauder Field And Target