Rick Rehm Makes The Robin Hood Shot With An FX Impact

In archery, the Robin Hood Shot is so-called after the mythical English medieval outlaw who split an arrow with the next one fired from his long bow.

Last time we checked, Rick Rehm – YouTube’s Shooter1721 – was not a medieval bandit 🙂 However, he has matched the legendary outlaw’s feat by splitting an arrow at 100 Yards using an air rifle.

Actually, that looks very much like a Crosman arrow from a Pioneer Airbow!

Making this Robin Hood shot requires accuracy of just a few thousandths of an inch at 100 yards. The .30 caliber pellet is pretty-well a sliding fit into the arrow shaft, as Rick shows us at the start.

For this amazing trick shot, uses a .30 caliber FX Impact air rifle, together with an Aztec 2.5 – 25 x 50 scope, a JSB Exact pellet and an aspirin.

Why an aspirin? You’ll need to watch the video to see…

Outstanding shot Rick!