Rick Rehm Shooting Air Pistol Offhand – Don’t Try This At Home Folks!

In this video, Rick Rehm – YouTube’s Shooter 1721 – has some fun with a Crosman Silhouette PCP air pistol. He’s shooting air pistol offhand in some very unusual ways!

Actually, the gun is a Maverick Custom Airguns S1721 model, tuned and modified from the standard Crosman product. You can see more about it in this HAM post from back in the Summer.

For those of you who have not seen Rick’s videos, they often contain trick shots – like this one. His videos are very “raw”. The shooting segments have little or no editing. So you see the misses and you see when Rick really does hit the target on his first or second attempt.

Shooting air pistol offhand is an understatement as a description for this video!

Rick’s shooting aspirins placed on top of a balloon. And hitting them! Firstly, he shoots the pistol sideways, in “gangsta” style, then he moves on to some more unusual and challenging trick shots…

Next he shoots with the gun upside down. If that’s not enough, he shoots backwards, sighting with a mirror and aiming to hit the aspirin with a ricochet from a steel plate.

Then we see him shooting air pistol offhand at 40 yards in a strong wind. The target’s a golf ball. Does he hit it? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Clearly Rick is a master of trick shooting. It’s very entertaining, but don’t try this at home, folks!