Rick Rehm Video Tests – JSB Hades Pellets

JSB Hades pellets were first seen at the 2019 SHOT Show in January. They’re positioned as an ideal, mid-weight hunting pellets that offers accuracy combined with considerable shock impact.

Now Rick Rehm – YouTube’s Shooter 1721 – has produced two videos showing how these uniquely-shaped hunting pellets perform. The manufacturer is describing them as “frangible hollow points”.

In the first video, Rick runs a muzzle velocity test using a FX Dreamline air rifle. He also shoots  a .22 caliber Hades pellet into a clay block. We can see the devastating ballistic cavity it produces when Rick cuts the block open. Wow!

In the second video, Rick again takes Hades pellets and fires them from a more powerful Career 2 air rifle. Again we see the huge cavity produced in the clay.

It’s clear that the impact potential of these new JSB pellets is very considerable. If you’re an airgun hunter, they definitely could be worth considering!

They’re available now in tins of 250 and 500 pellets.

JSB Match Diabolo Hades .22 Cal, 15.89 Grain, Hollowpoint, 250 Count
JSB Hades pellets .22 cal 15.89 Grain 250 Ct