Shooting A Cricket II WB In The Snow!

Matt Coulter is one of the lucky early recipients of KalibrGun’s Cricket II WB air rifle. His is in .22 caliber and he’s been shooting in in typical upstate New York snowy winter weather!

Shooting A Cricket II WB In The Snow!

The “WB” designation for this Cricket II indicates that it’s fitted with a bullpup-style walnut stock. This stock include’s Kalibrgun’s very practical provision for storing up to four spare magazines in the rear section of the stock.

For a summary of the many stock versions of the Cricket and Cricket II range, check out this previous story in Hard Air Magazine.

Matt has been testing his Cricket II WB at distances out to 70 Yards on his beautiful home range. He’s seeing a Muzzle Energy of 37 Ft/Lbs with 25.39 Grain JSB Redesigned Jumbo Monsters.

Shooting A Cricket II WB In The Snow!

In fact, Matt has put together three videos on his experience with the Cricket II so far. He’s kindly allowed HAM to share them with you in this post.

First, Matt gives his impressions of his Cricket II gathered over the first month he had it. The weather was somewhat warmer then, as you can see. And he recorded great results shooting Redesigned Jumbo Monsters as well as H&N Baracuda Match pellets.

In the second video, Matt’s in snowy conditions, shooting out to 50 Yards, just before New Year. The snow is flying and Matt’s experimenting with lighter pellets, among others.

In the third video (below), Matt shoots the Cricket II WB and compares it to his original model Cricket out at 70 Yards. Judging purely from the redness of Matt’s nose, it’s likely that the temperature was even colder than in the previous video!

Hey, real men like Matt get out and shoot airguns in freezing winter conditions…

All-in-all, both guns perform extremely well. And Matt’s obviously a great shot, too!