Shooting The Western Airguns Rattler 45 PCP Air Rifle

During a recent trip to Arizona, I was able to shoot the new semi automatic Western Airguns Rattler 45 PCP air rifle. What’s it like? The photograph above says it all!

The Rattler 45 is the latest version of the Western Airguns Rattler PCP platform. With the exception of the caliber, it’s very similar to the existing HAM Gold Award-winning Rattler 357. You can read the full review of that model here.

Western Airguns Rattler 45 PCP Air Rifle

In fact, although all the photographs here are of the Rattler 45, there’s also a companion model – the Rattler 45 Long Strike.

Both are very similar. However the Long Strike incorporates a number of differences, as you can see from this table.

Rattler 45Rattler 45 Long Strike
Barrel28 Inches36 Inches
Overall Length40 Inches48.5 Inches
Weight9.9 Lbs10.4 Lbs
Regulator Setting170 Bar180 Bar
Muzzle Energy Spec.365 Ft/Lbs435 Ft/Lbs

Let’s be clear, both versions of the Western Airguns Rattler 45 are big, heavy airguns. They are also LOUD! And that’s in spite of the shrouded barrel. As you can see, I was wearing ear defenders to shoot this beast!

There’s also plenty of recoil. You definitely know all about it when you pull the trigger on a Rattler 45…

Comparing tested performance with 350 Grain Benjamin .45 caliber slugs, we found that the Rattler 45 produced 332.5 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy. The Long Strike increased that by no less than 32%, giving a tested Muzzle Energy of 438.4 Ft/Lbs.

Western Airguns Rattler 45 PCP Air Rifle

As you can see, the consistency across 12 shots – one magazine – was also excellent at just 3.7 FPS for the “short” gun and an outstanding 1.6 FPS for the Long Strike.

On the 50-Yard range, I shot the Rattler attached to a large HPA tank, so there was no issue with running low on air.

Western Airguns Rattler 45 PCP Air Rifle

Although I’m not used to shooting big bore air rifles, I was able to achieve a 5-shot group of 1-Inch CTC, as you can see below. My guess is that a better shot would have made one group of 5, rather than two groups of 3 and 2 shots, as I did…

But – even with me shooting – the Rattler clearly displayed accuracy that’s plenty good for hunting.

Western Airguns Rattler 45 PCP Air Rifle

In fact, I was at the range with Lauren Parsons of AoA. That Lauren was shooting the Rattler more accurately than me goes without saying!

Western Airguns Rattler 45 PCP Air Rifle

Shooting from a bipod with a bag rest for the buttstock provided very satisfactory from the bench.

Western Airguns Rattler 45 PCP Air Rifle

As with other Rattlers. the Rattler 45 has a fixed, Titanium magazine holding 12 rounds. This is loaded from the rear, as shown below. It’s a one-at-a-time process, but practice makes it quite easy.

As with every other time I have shot a Western Airguns Rattler, the semi automatic action worked flawlessly. I have never experienced a jam or failure to feed with the Rattler, which is a tribute to the design and manufacturing of the gun.

So why the blue masking tape on the barrel shroud? Don’t worry, that’s not a part of the Rattler 45’s standard equipment! This was a pre-production gun and the tape was a way for AoA to keep track of what gun was what…

The price of the Rattler 45 is $2,895.95. The Long Strike is $2,995.95.

Western Airguns Rattler 45 PCP Air Rifle
Rattler 45 Long Strike