Sig Sauer P226 modified and turned into OTET (On Target Every Time)

HAM reader Joseph McAllister kindly sent in this story about his experience with a SIG SAUER P226 air pistol. This is it in his own words…

I haven’t fired a weapon in 42 years. Previously I was in the military and was a marksman with a Colt 45 and a M16 while I was in.

Marriage, three kids and life happened and the years passed…

Now the kids are grown and now I have a hobby!

I started by purchasing a Sig Sauer P226 pellet pistol and modifying it. I put a Ohuhu Red Green dot sight on a modified top rail. Near the bottom rail I mounted a tactical light and laser combination.

Next, I sighted the pistol in using the Green circular symbol and moving the red laser in the center. I was then capable of putting 5 shots in a line in the bulls eye target center.

This was most satisfying!

Know now that I wear bifocal glasses and at 64 am still capable of shooting accurately. I put a customer review on showing the modifications.

I have further suggested to Sig Sauer to use their M1913 rails on the MPX and MCX to add these modifications to top, both sides and bottom rails.

With a Red Green Dot sight, and 3 lasers these rifles could not be surpassed in accuracy, consistant performance and surprising competition. This 3D capability would overcome drifts, windage, and right or left movements to give owners increased confidence. And Sig Sauer wouldn’t be able to keep this product in stock!

Once the word gets out a rifle compensates so accurately in 3 different directions once sighted in properly. The buying public will want ON TARGET EVERY TIME capabilities! And 3D capabilities is an unexplored territory!

Joe, thanks for sharing your story. It’s great to hear how you discovered the SIG SAUER P226 air pistol and – through it – a wonderful new hobby!

SIG Sauer P226 CO2 Pellet Pistol