The New Umarex 88 Gram CO2 Saver Is An Useful Accessory!

The New Umarex 88 Gram CO2 Saver is an accessory that many users of the 88/90 Gram CO2 cartridges will find useful. That’s because it incorporates an automatic shutoff valve that allows a partially-used 88/90 Gram CO2 cartridge to be removed from an airgun without wasting all the gas.

Previously there’s been no simple, widely-available way to achieve this. So either users have had to leave the CO2 cartridge on the gun or remove it, loosing the remaining CO2 as they do so.

In principal – and execution – this is a very simple device, but it accomplishes its intended purpose. Umarex is marketing the 88 Gram CO2 Saver as suitable for the Fusion 2 air rifle and AirJavelin arrow gun.

HAM tested the new accessory with both these guns. Yip, it works as advertised!

Here it is in place on the AirJavelin…

The New Umarex 88 Gram CO2 Saver Is An Useful Accessory!

Below we see it on the Fusion 2.

The New Umarex 88 Gram CO2 Saver Is An Useful Accessory!

In HAM testing, we found that the male threads of the 88 Gram CO2 Saver we tested were rather tighter than those of the 88 Gram CO2 cylinders we tried.

This meant that there was a tendency for an empty 88 Gram CO2 cartridge to unscrew itself from the adapter, leaving it in place in the gun. For example, it was left in place in the Fusion 2…

Removal was not a big issue, just remove the stock to gain access. Tip. Don’t forget to set the safety to “safe” when removing and re-installing the Fusion 2’s stock.

This tendency to lock in place was mitigated to some extent by smearing a drop of air tool oil on the male threads of the adapter. It’s also useful to know that the flats on the adapter are suitable for a 25 mm wrench. (A 1-inch wrench could probably work also if used carefully and with a little packing between the jaws).

This adapter could also be used with other airguns powered by 88/90 Gram CO2 cartridges. The SIG Air MCX and MPX are obvious examples. However, in the case of these guns, the stock outer is too short to accommodate the additional length of the adapter.

Overall, this is exactly what users of 88/90 Gram CO2 cartridges have been asking for for years. Given the relatively high cost of these CO2 sources, the adapter will pay for itself pretty fast…

Umarex 88 Gram CO2 Saver Adapter, Fits AirJavelin/Fusion 2
Umarex 88 Gram CO2 Saver Adapter