The RTI Prophet Performance – A Very Interesting Air Rifle!

Hard Air Magazine is working on a full test review of the RTI Prophet Performance PCP air rifle. It will be complete soon, but – until then – we can take a look at this video from Airguns of Arizona.

The RTI Prophet is a successor model to the same company’s Priest PCP air rifle. It features a sidelever-cocking action, together with a number of other improvements. It’s available finished in all-over tactical black, or alternatively with bronze Cerakote highlights. Now that looks really sharp!

The first U.S. sighting of the Prophet was in the 2019 Extreme Benchrest competition. Although based in Slovenia, RTI Arms sent a large team over to participate and observe at EBR.

I spoke to the team members. They found it an invaluable learning experience, both through participating in competition and talking to other shooters about their needs and wishes.

This was a very significant investment for a relatively small company. They were rewarded by an outstanding performance that included winning the 50 Yard Benchrest competition. Very impressive!

The Prophet is available in .177 caliber, .25 cal, and .30 caliber. It’s also available in “.22 Caliber LR”. The LR stands for “Long Range. This is the model Team RTI chose to shoot at EBR.

In .22 caliber, the LR Prophet has a custom Lothar Walther barrel that is designed to be shot with 25.39 Grain, redesigned JSB Exact Jumbo Monsters out at 100 Yards.

The RTI Prophet Performance - A Very Interesting Air Rifle!

In a further indication of the Prophet’s long-range performance intent, the built-in Picatinny rail is machined at a 20 MOA angle. This makes it less likely that the scope will run out of elevation adjustment at long ranges.

Even though the Prophet PCP air rifle is a small gun – just 30.5 Inches overall length – we decided to mount a riflescope with comparable long-range credentials. The Sightron SIII FT 10-50 x 60 is just such a scope. It fitted and worked very well.

The Prophet is supplied in a hard plastic case. What makes this case relatively unusual for a manufacturer-supplied case is that there is space inside to fit both the gun AND a mounted scope. Even a large riflescope like our Sightron 10-50 x 60, as we can see below, although, sadly, not the 0dB silencer shown in the photograph above.

Typical power levels for “unrestricted” (US-spec) guns range from 17.7 Ft/Lbs up to a maximum of around 100 Joules (74 Ft/Lbs) in .30 caliber. The power level spec in both .22 cal is 53 Ft/Lbs. In .25 calibers it’s approximately 63 Ft/Lbs.

RTI Arms tells us that owners will see about 70 shots per fill: 200 plus in .177 caliber.

Keep checking-back for the full HAM test review of the prophet. Here’s a clue: we like it!!!

RTI Prophet Performance Air Rifle
Sightron SIII FT 10-50 x 60 Scope