The UTG Over Bore Bipod Is A Great Way To Support A Bulldog

The UTG Over Bore Bipod is not commonly used with airguns. However it can be used very successfully with the increasing number of air rifles having a extended-length Picatinny top accessory rail.

The Benjamin Bulldog is one long-running example of this “extended-length top rail” on an air rifle. (There are others too, like some of the Hasan PCPs, for example).

This makes the UTG Over Bore Bipod a great solution for providing stability in the field when shooting a Bulldog prone or from a bench.

Yes, you can mount a conventional bipod under the forend of the Bulldog. But – for any particular particular elevation in muzzle height – the Over Bore Bipod provides a much larger wider footprint than using a conventional, under-mounted bipod.

The UTG Over Bore Bipod Is A Great Way To Support A Bulldog


(The center height – by the way – is between 7 and 11 Inches for this unit, depending on the leg length selected).

For example, with the Over Bore Bipod’s legs set to their maximum length, the feet sit no less than 18.5 Inches apart, when measured on a flat surface. A conventional, under-mounted support such as the UTG TBNR bipod gives a distance between the feet of 10 Inches.

That close to doubling of the bipod feet spread is largely due to the large angle between the over bore bipod’s legs when deployed. It’s no less than 70 degrees, a major increase compared to the 50 degree spread of a more traditional, under-mounted bipod like the TBNR.

The UTG Over Bore Bipod Is A Great Way To Support A Bulldog

The Over Bore Bipod has the capability of 22 degrees of panning. This is combined with up to 44 degrees of tension-adjustable left and right tilt capability. There are also individually-adjustable legs with 7 available extension lengths and rubberized footpads.

So, despite the wide footprint, this Over Bore Bipod is not restricted to flat ground!

Leapers claims that the design of the UTG Over Bore Bipod provides a lower center of gravity for the rifle when compared to the under-mounted design. The company says that this is of particular benefit to “tall” rifles like the bullpup Bulldog, where there’s a considerable distance between the plane of the riflescope and the base of the pistol grip.

For example, that’s no less than 10 or 11 Inches with the Bulldog, depending on the scope mounting choice chosen.

What’s clear to the HAM Team is that the over-mounted design certainly feels MUCH more stable in use than a comparable under-mounted model. Yet it still offers the ability to work on less-than-flat terrain.

True, this over bore bipod’s legs can be collapsed and folded forward to facilitate transportation and movement. However there’s another alternative available.

The bipod comes complete with a Picatinny base. This base is intended to be left attached to the gun. The bipod is mounted to – and dismounted from – the base by means of a substantial quick-disconnect stud that’s controlled by a easily-operated locking lever.

So the majority of the bipod can be removed from the gun quickly and easily for storage or carrying in a (large) pocket or range bag, for example.

The UTG Over Bore Bipod Is A Great Way To Support A Bulldog

It’s fair to say that the UTG Over Bore Bipod is not the world’s smallest or lightest. This is because tough support – not portability – is it’s primary concern. However at just over 24 Ounces in weight, it’s still lighter than many conventional heavy duty bipods, while offering the superior “grounding” of that amazingly-wide footprint.

Below. For comparison, here’s our Bulldog with a conventional under-mounted bipod attached. What a difference!

The mainly Aluminum construction is reinforced with steel components in critical, recoil-absorbing locations.

Leapers has designed and tested this bipod to absorb sustained use when mounted to a Barrett 50 Caliber BMG firearm. Ouch! That makes it very capable of providing reliable support for our Bulldog PCP…

The leg position locking buttons are waaay oversize. This makes them easy to use in inclement weather and/or with gloved hands, says the company. This further reinforces the proposition that this is a heavy-duty rifle support built for serious use.

Below. You can see those oversize buttons in this photograph of the bipod folded forward with legs retracted.

Leapers supports their Over Bore bipod with a lifetime warranty. This states that the product conforms to published specifications and is free from defects in material and workmanship.

The company will repair or replace defective product for the duration of the it’s life span (with the usual restrictions, such as if it’s been disassembled, modified or grossly abused, of course).

As we know from Pyramyd Air’s annual best-sellers list, the Benjamin Bulldog is a VERY popular air rifle. So this bipod is likely to be extremely attractive for many Bulldog owners, particularly as the Street Price is under $160.00.

UTG TL-BPOB01-A Over Bore Bipod, 7″-11″ Center Height, Picatinny