This New Airgun Depot Slugfest Video Is Essential Viewing!

Everyone’s excited about airgun slugs, it seems! If that includes you, you’ll definitely want to watch this new Slugfest video from Airgun Depot.

In it, Travis test fires seven popular air rifles with H&N slugs and compares the accuracy results at 35 Yards. You’ll want to sit back and watch this Slugfest video right through to the end to see the full results and conclusions…

Travis tests the following air rifles, all in .22 caliber and under the same conditions:

AirForce Condor SS
Benjamin Marauder
Gamo Swarm Magnum
Hatsan Neutron Star
Umarex Gauntlet
Zbroia Hortitsia

What makes this video most interesting is that it gives an outstanding baseline of practical accuracy data for slugs with a range of regular, out-of-the-box air rifles. Just the ones that are owned by many airgun shooters.

Overall, accuracy was pretty good in Travis’ testing with five shot groups. Mind you, bear in mind that Travis is a really good shot!

HAM is not revealing the results in this summary so as not to spoil the fun. Also, it’s worth watching right to the end to hear Travis’ general conclusions about slug shooting…

As Travis explains, the test guns in this Slugfest video are (mostly) not really sufficiently powerful. They don’t shoot slugs fast enough to exploit the full potential of this type of ammunition. This is an issue that may become more pronounced at longer ranges. But that doesn’t stop many of us from wanting to try…

So grab a coffee and enjoy!

H&N Slug HP, .218 Cal., 21 gr – 200ct