Umarex AirJavelin Bipod Installation And 12 Gram CO2 Conversion

In this post we’ll look at Umarex AirJavelin bipod installation and 12 Gram CO2 conversion opportunities. For the full test review on this HAM Gold Award-winning arrow rifle, check out this previous post.

The sliding CO2 cover on the underside of the AirJavelin might seem to rule out the ability to fit a bipod. However, it is possible to install a split-leg, M-Lok fitting bipod in the slots in the side of the forend.

Umarex AirJavelin Bipod Installation And 12 Gram CO2 Conversion

We used the Leapers UTG Recon-Flex M-Lok bipod, as can be seen above. This AirJavelin bipod installation was solid and provided a firm base for shooting the arrow rifle.

Umarex AirJavelin Bipod Installation And 12 Gram CO2 Conversion

However, just as the AirJavelin’s top rail is “Picatinny like“, the slots in the side are “M-Lok like”. It was possible to install the M-Lok lugs into some of the slots in the side of the HAM test AirJavelin – but not all.

In the photograph below, we can see marks around the front right slots where the bipod did not fit. However, it did fit in the fourth and fifth slots from the front. Duhhhh…

Umarex AirJavelin Bipod Installation And 12 Gram CO2 Conversion

Standard power for the AirJavelin is an 88/90 Gram CO2 cartridge. However, if you want a smaller – much smaller – number of shots, there’s an attraction in using 12 Gram CO2 cartridges.

Umarex USA sells a 2 x 12 Gram CO2 adapter that fits in place of an 88/90 Gram cartridge. So this is clearly one possibility.

However, the HAM Team found another solution. We used the 2 x 12 Gram adapter from the Umarex Fusion 2, which we still have on hand following its recent test.

It fits well into the AirJavelin, as we can see below. (We also prefer the blued steel look, compared to the bright finish “official” Umarex adapter).

Using the 2 x 12 Gram option gives around 6 – 8 “hunting grade” shots for the AirJavelin. The maximum FPS is the same as for the 88/90 Gram CO2 supply, but the smaller amount of gas obviously gives less shots.

This makes 12 Gram power viable if you want to take a small number of shots at one time – in fact, a typical hunting scenario.

The Fusion adapter has a degassing knob in the end. This is accessible at the front of the gun, as we can see above. So now there’s a great excuse – er reason! – to buy a Fusion 2 and an AirJavelin. You just know you need them both 😉

Finally, prolonged use of the review AirJavelin on test saw the straight-pull bolt handle work slightly loose on multiple occasions. To eliminate this annoyance, we added a drop of blue machinery adhesive to the screw thread. Problem solved!

As you can tell, we’ve been having fun with our AirJavelin!

Umarex AirJavelin