Using The Umarex Gauntlet With CO2 Power – Part Two

In this part, we’ll explore the multiple ways to use the Umarex Gauntlet with CO2 power. But first a reminder:

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: If you want to use the Umarex Gauntlet with CO2 power, you need to buy a separate 9-Ounce CO2 paintball tank. Do NOT fill the regulated HPA tank supplied with Gauntlet with CO2. Also, CO2 paintball tanks must NEVER be filled with High Pressure Air as they can’t take the pressure.

1. CO2 paintball tanks.

CO2 paintball tanks are cheap – around $20.00 – and are refillable. The 9-ounce size screws straight on to Gauntlet as a direct replacement for the regulated HPA tank. No adapter required. However, you will need to remove the front section of the stock to allow for clearance around the tank and don’t forget to do the degassing thing first before removing the HPA tank.

Using The Umarex Gauntlet With CO2 Power - Part Two

One such CO2 tank will give you literally hundreds of shots using the Umarex Gauntlet with CO2 power in .177 or .22 calibers . And it costs only $3.00 to $5.00 to refill. CO2 refills are available at most big box sporting goods stores and paintball stores. Normally, paintball tanks are sold empty, so you’ll need to have them filled before use.

Given the low cost of CO2 paintball tanks, it’s viable to buy several of them. If they’re all filled, you could have power for literally a thousand shots from your Umarex Gauntlet with CO2 power before needing to go back for more gas.

Paintball tanks have a built-in pin valve. Once are filled, they retain pressure. Screwing one into the front of Gauntlet depresses the pin, opens the valve and the gun becomes pressurized.

After the CO2 inside the tank has been used, the FPS will drop dramatically. Degas the guns, unscrew the tank and take it for re-filling.

2. 88/90 gram bottles.

The second-largest capacity CO2 supply commonly found is the 88/90 Gram bottle. These are single use tanks that come pre-filled with CO2.

Although this is the most expensive way to shoot the Umarex Gauntlet with CO2 power, one 88/90 Gram bottle will give 100+ good shots with Gauntlet in .177 or .22 calibers. These tanks are also readily available at your local Walmart and sporting goods stores.

One slight wrinkle is that 88/90 Gram bottles have a different thread to that used for Gauntlet’s regulated HPA tank. This means that a simple, cheap adapter (around $10) is required to use them.

Using The Umarex Gauntlet With CO2 Power - Part Two

Simply screw the adapter into Gauntlet, then screw the 88/90 Gram bottle into the adapter. As you screw the bottle home, a pin in the adapter will pierce the bottle and instantly charge the gun.

Using The Umarex Gauntlet With CO2 Power - Part Two

The adapter is re-usable, the 88/90 Gram CO2 bottles are not. But they are recyclable. In this case the stock forend will fit back over the CO2 bottle.

Using The Umarex Gauntlet With CO2 Power - Part Two

3. 12 gram CO2 cartridges.

Another widely-available CO2 source is the 12 Gram cartridge. You may already have a supply if you shoot other CO2-powered airguns such as firearms replica air pistols.

Again, these are single-use sources of CO2 and, being small, have a limited capacity. But, with the use of different adapters, either one or two of these 12 Gram CO2 cartridges can be used to fill the Umarex Gauntlet with CO2 power, should you choose.

Using The Umarex Gauntlet With CO2 Power - Part Two

Although this would be very much an unusual way to fill the Umarex Gauntlet with CO2 power, it can be done. The gun will work, just as with any other CO2 source, and with the same FPS.

However the number of shots will be low – down to around 20 per CO2 cartridge, even in .177 cal. That’s 40 shots if you use two together in one of the dual-cartridge adapters.

Again, recycle after use. 12 Gram cartridges cannot be re-filled with CO2.

12 Gram adapters are, again, not very expensive at around $20.00, but they are difficult to find. If you want to take this filling route to fill your Umarex Gauntlet with CO2 power, you’ll probably have to order the adapter from a specialist dealer on the Internet.

4. CO2 is not for .25 caliber.

Due to the higher regulated pressure of .25 caliber Gauntlet models, CO2 is not a viable fill source for these guns. Either the gun will not work when filled using CO2, or the muzzle velocity will be very poor. You won’t want to do this!

You’ll find much more detailed information like this about the Gauntlet air rifle in HAM Publisher Stephen Archer’s major book “Choosing and Shooting The Umarex Gauntlet Air Rifle”.