Weihrauch HW44 Air Pistol Video Review

The latest video review from YouTube’s AEAC covers the Weihrauch HW44 air pistol.

The HW44 is a powerful and accurate airgun. HAM reviewed it in .22 caliber earlier in the year. We loved it! In HAM testing it scored 92% and earned a coveted HAM Gold Award.

In this video, Steve Scialli checks-out the .177 caliber version. He likes it too. A lot!

For the AEAC video review, Steve attaches a bipod and scope for accurate shooting out to 50 yards.

He finds that Muzzle Energy for the .177 caliber model averages about 12 Ft/Lbs. In HAM testing, we found about 16 Ft/Lbs in the .22 caliber. Both figures are very strong for an air pistol.

To be clear, both of these reviews refer to the Weihrauch HW44 air pistol in “FAC” configuration – that’s full power.

The power levels attained and accuracy achieved in both test reviews are a credit to the German manufacturer. For, although the HW44 is large for an air pistol, it’s small compared to the HW110 PCP air rifle that obviously formed the starting-point for the design.

The HW44 air pistol is sold by the factory in right-hand only configuration. However, Airguns of Arizona offers a left-hand conversion if required.

As HAM Tester Doug Rogers shoots left-handed, HAM investigated making such a left-hand conversion of the Weihrauch HW44 when making our review. We found that – although it could be done – it was a surprisingly complex task to undertake. It’s certainly not a DIY conversion!

HW44 Air Pistol