Weihrauch HW95L Field Pro Video Review By Giles Barry

For his latest video review, the AirGunGearShow’s Giles Barry shoots the Weihrauch HW95L Field Pro. He’s in the Arizona desert for this review.

And watch as his co-host for this episode, Kip Perow from Airguns of Arizona, takes out soda cans at 100 yards. Kip makes it look easy with with this .177 caliber spring/piston air rifle!

The Weihrauch HW95L Field Pro is a bundle combining the Weihrauch HW95 Luxus, together with a Weihrauch-branded 3-9 x 40 AO scope, SportsMatch rings and a barrel weight. As Giles says, just buy some pellets and you’re ready to start shooting…

In case you’re wondering, this Weihrauch combo is also available in .22 caliber.

Weihrauch HW95L Field Pro Air Rifle