Why Is The Weihrauch HW100 The Best Airgun For Me?

Is the Weihrauch HW100 the best airgun for me? Well, of course, it depends what you want to do and the type of shooting you enjoy! Let’s take a look at this long-running favorite and why it could be just the PCP for you…

Price And Specifications

The HW100 is available in various configurations. Most typically retail at $1,340, with the laminated stock version a little higher. However Airguns of Arizona currently has the HW 100 on sale for $1095.95 – except for the laminated stock version which is $1,256.85.

The HW100s currently being sold at Airguns of Arizona feature an upgrade over earlier production in that they are fitted with a permanently-attached moderator. This moderator is very effective at reducing the report when fired. However, it does increase the overall length of the gun.

Why Is The Weihrauch HW100 The Best Airgun For Me?

Essentially, all HW100 air rifles feature the same core, magazine-fed sidelever action. There’s a choice of stock styles available, including thumbhole and sporter styles. Laminate, walnut and black or green soft-touch covered wood are the choices of stock material.

In addition, the HW100 is available in carbine configuration. This utilizes a shorter barrel and HPA cylinder to achieve superlative handling, although at the cost of slightly lower shot count and Muzzle Velocity.

All HW100 models are available in both .177 and .22 calibers. So there’s many permutations of configuration and appearance available.

For this review, we’re concentrating on the “core” HW100. But if you like the HW100 concept, there’s two related models that you should consider…

One is the HW110. This has a lighter weight due to the receiver of high-grade synthetic material, together with some other small differences.

The other is the HW100 Bullpup, although this does not seem to be currently available in the US. HAM has reviewed this model too. We loved it for its fantastic balance and handling, great trigger and accuracy. It was another Gold Award for the German manufacturer.

Key Features And Benefits

The HW 100 is a long-established PCP air rifle. The fact that relatively few changes and modifications have been made over the course of its production life show that Weihrauch – as is their way – made sure that the gun was “right first time” when introduced.

So this is not an air rifle with a “sexy” specification with a ton of adjustability and lots of new features.

Yet the HW100 regularly features very high (or at the top) in the list of most popular HAM test reviews. Many knowledgeable shooters are enthusiastic about this Weihrauch and the resultant sales reflect that level of interest.

So why is the Weihrauch HW100 the best airgun for me?

Firstly, many experienced airgunners appreciate the timeless nature of the HW100. For this is an air rifle in the classic style, produced by a manufacturer operating in the classic manner.

Then let’s call out the quality of manufacture. It’s clear that the manufacturing quality of all Weihrauch air rifles – including the HW100 – is superlative. Metal finish and bluing is always top-notch. The Minelli stocks match this quality level, too.

HAM Specialist PCP Reviewer Doug Rogers – a highly experienced machinist by trade – has been inside his own HW100. He has nothing but praise for the quality of design, manufacture and finish of the parts inside the gun. Doug rates the manufacturing quality as outstanding. That’s a rare recommendation not easily earned!

Why Is The Weihrauch HW100 The Best Airgun For Me?

This level of quality is reflected in the superb trigger and great accuracy displayed by the HW100 in the field.

In fact, the greatest strengths of the Weihrauch HW100 are those that are only really appreciated with ownership over an extended period. This airgun always works in a predictable and consistent manner…

Doug reports that his HW100 just about never requires re-sighting in, even if it has not been shot for many weeks, or if it has been transported from one place to another. It’s always ready to shoot with precision.

That is a quality not always exhibited by all air rifles in Doug’s experience – even high-end ones.

Handling and feel are other key attributes of the HW100. This air rifle does not have the profusion of stock adjustments found on many other high end PCPs. Yet it manages to feel “just right” to a wide variety of shooters.

This is a comfortable and easy air rifle to shoot well. The trigger has great feel, the gun feels right in the shoulder and the sidelever action is sublime.

While these benefits are not easily translated into words, they does contribute significantly to the high level of practical accuracy that’s offered by the HW100. Not to mention owner satisfaction…


Of course there are some downsides to the HW100 too. Most particularly, there’s no .25 caliber version available. This is a definite minus in the US market.

Also, the HW100 is not a powerhouse hunter. It provides a very satisfactory level of power and speed in each caliber. But those wanting a really heavy hitter will look elsewhere.

Likewise, shot count is very acceptable. But the HW100 cannot be fitted with high capacity HPA tanks and this may be a limitation for those shooters wanting the maximum number of shots between re-fills of High Pressure Air.

And if you’re the type of airgunner who wants to experiment with hammer spring tension, transfer port diameter and regulator pressure, the HW100 is not for you. That’s just not what it offers.

Other Choices

So what are the other, quality “$1,000 PCPs” in the market at the present time?

Probably the closest comparison in the HAM Team’s opinion, is the Brocock Concept Lite. It’s just $100 more expensive.

The Concept Lite has similar virtues to the Weihrauch. It’s a relatively straightforward PCP that offers outstanding quality, accuracy and handling straight out of the box. Likewise, it has relatively limited air capacity. HAM loved it too!

However the Concept Lite is available in .25 caliber – if that’s important to you. It’s also unashamedly tactical in style and appearance – a complete contrast from the classic styling of the HW100.

The other obvious choice is the FX Dreamline Classic. This is the classic, “shoot from the box” model in the Dreamline range. Again, it’s just $100 more expensive than the HW100. However it offers the choice of both .25 and .30 caliber versions.

Although HAM has not tested the Dreamline Classic, we did review the earlier FX Streamline of broadly similar configuration. That was another easy HAM Gold Award winner and we don’t doubt that a Dreamline Classic would fare at least as well on test.

Why Is The Weihrauch HW100 The Best Airgun For Me?

Why Is The Weihrauch HW100 The Best Airgun For Me?

If you are looking for a high quality PCP air rifle of classic looks and configuration, the HW100 fits the bill perfectly.

Likewise, if you are satisfied with .177 or .22 caliber and don’t want to tinker with settings and adjustments, the HW100 is an outstanding choice.

If you’re not interested in the “latest and greatest” model, but want long-term reliability and stability, this is it. The Weihrauch HW100 is the PCP to choose if you want to pass your favorite airgun down to your children or grandchildren in the distant future.

And – remarkably – this is one of the lowest-priced, high quality PCP air rifles in the market!

As you can tell, the HAM Team loves the HW100. It’s a classic HAM Gold Award winner…

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