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As EVERY manufactured product – not just airguns – will have very slight variations, test results will not be exactly the same for any other sample of the same product. However the results of our HAM tests should be indicative of the performance that could be expected by a consumer under similar test conditions.

Also note that manufacturers often make changes – both large and small – during the manufacturing life of a product. Such changes may not be indicated to the user in any way, but they may impact the performance of the product. HAM cannot be responsible for knowledge of such changes

Many air rifles require specific knowledge or experience to shoot accurately. Of course the HAM testers know this and apply these techniques naturally. But many air rifle shooters – newcomers in particular – don’t know this, or have difficulty doing so consistently.

Note that laws and regulations governing airguns vary widely depending on your location. This means that some airguns tested by HAM may not be legal for you to own or use where you live. You are solely responsible for knowing and complying with all and any national, state and local laws and regulations.

Hard Air Magazine will not be held responsible for any personal injury or consequences resulting from any use of airguns whatsoever or modifications or repairs to airguns or re-assembly of airguns by individuals. We strongly advise you to contact a qualified Airgun Repair Center for all airgun repairs or modifications.

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