Airgun Technology PCP Bullpup Air Rifle
at IWA 2015

Hard Air Magazine’s Executive Contributor Stephen Lamboy reports from the 2015 IWA Show.

The new Czech company, Airgun Technology, exhibited it’s first PCP Bull Pup design named Vulcan at IWA 2014 and gained much attention.

Today, at IWA 2015, The Airgun Technology PCP Bullpup air rifle was shown in a generation II version of the Vulcan with some enhanced features. The core of this compact design is a full-length HPA  tank attached to a short, fully moderated 18-inch long barrel made by CZ. This system is integrated with a smooth ambidextrous cocking mechanism and one extremely crisp trigger with a 2lb pull. The gun is a multi shot model with rotary clip and available in .177 (13-shot clip),.22 (11-shot clip) and .25 cal (9-shot clip).

Airgun Technology PCP Bullpup

Airgun Technology says that the new black synthetic stock of the Vulcan is uniquely Czech (Duhhh?).

Airgun Technology PCP Bullpup

The full pistol grip is good for both right- and left-handed shooters and they say that the balance of the gun sits just aft of the grip for a natural feel. The butt pad and comb are both adjustable for elevation, which is good as one could easily see this Pup used in a “heads up” CQB shooting style with a red dot or acog tactical site. This short, compact design keep the mass very close to the body causing the Vulcan to simply turn with you as part of you.

Airgun Technology claim that the Vulcan has plenty of power developed at the maximum tank pressure of 3,625 psi with over 90 shots with .22 JSB pellets at 917 fps., and 40 shots with .25 at 884 fps.

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