New Gletcher PM1951 Air Pistol Launched

Gletcher, a company that specializes in the production and design of airguns that replicate historic firearms, has just added the new PM1951 to its’ extensive line of air pistols.

The Gletcher PM1951 air pistol was designed with great attention to detail. It’s a copy of the Makarov firearm that was issued to Soviet officers during numerous conflicts around the world. The Makarov was not only a symbol of authority, but a representation of class and rank in the old Soviet Union.

The Gletcher PM1951 air pistol features a metal body to give a realistic feel and heft that users can appreciate.

Gletcher says that firing the PM1951 closely resembles the original procedure. First, load a magazine, then rack the slide to the rear to load a BB. This places the weapon on fire, ready for pulling the trigger. The blowback operation for repeat shots adds another level of realism, providing users with an enjoyable shooting experience.

Included with the Gletcher PM1951 air pistol is a full size magazine that has the capacity of holding sixteen .177 caliber steel BBs with a claimed muzzle velocity of 329 fps. The magazine also conceals the 12 Gram CO2 cartridge that provides the power for this replica gun.

The manufacturer’s specifications for the PM1951 are as follows:
Magazine Capacity:    16
Weight:                        1.63 lbs.
Length:                        6 5/16 -inches
Average Velocity:        329 fps
Projectile:                    .177 caliber steel BBs
Warranty:                    18 months
MSRP:                        $109.99

You can read more detail on the PMa951 at

Gletcher PM1951 Air Pistol