SIG SAUER Airguns Launched.

More SHOT Show 2016 News! SIG SAUER has formally launched the Advanced Sport Pellet (ASP) line of airguns.  SIG SAUER airguns are CO2-powered pistols and rifles and are claimed to be a new breed of firearms for training and recreation. SIG SAUER is also offering a wide variety of ASP targets and pellet ammunition – as has previously been covered in Hard Air Magazine.

The introductory line of SIG SAUER airguns includes the CO2-powered SIG MPX and SIG MCX semi-automatic rifles in .177 and .22 calibers, together with the P226 and P250 semi-auto CO2 pistols in .177 caliber. Our heading photograph, above, shows the MPX model with red dot sight.

SIG SAUER airguns not only look like the original guns, they are the same weight and have similar trigger pull.  This makes them ideal for training with the added benefit of reduced cost and minimal noise.

“SIG SAUER is known for making firearms of exceptional quality, and that same expertise is being applied to the design, engineering, and production of the new SIG SAUER Advanced Sport Pellet line of airguns,” said Ron Cohen, President and CEO of SIG SAUER, Inc. “Our semi-auto Advanced Sport Pellet offerings will allow those who already own these models of SIG SAUER centerfire guns – be they recreational shooters, competition shooters, or professionals – to train extensively with less noise and reduced expense. They are also ideal for first-time airgun owners or those who wish to upgrade from their current airguns.”

Below is the MCX in Flat Dark Earth with scope.

SIG SAUER Airguns Launched

The MPX and MCX ASP air rifles feature the RPM (Rapid Pellet Magazine) Pellet Drive System. This is claimed to be the industry’s first encapsulated belt-fed pellet magazine capable of feeding 30 pellets in 3.5 seconds.  Both models have an integral Picatinny optics rail and accessory rail in addition to flip-up front and rear sights, both of which are adjustable.  SIG SAUER says that the robust metal housing and double reinforcement of all seals is designed to ensure durability in th MCX and MPX.

SIG ASP air rifles are also available with optics – the SIG MPX MRD package comes with the SIG 20R red dot sight and the SIG MCX comes with two optics options – the Scope package featuring a 1-4×24 scope with fast focus and a mil-dot reticle or the MRD red dot sight package.

Muzzle velocity specifications for the new SIG SAUER airguns are as follows. The MPX .177 caliber shoots up to 600 feet per second (fps); the SIG MPX .22 caliber – up to 475 fps; SIG MCX .177 caliber – up to 750 fps; and SIG MCX .22 caliber – up to 525 fps.

The SIG SAUER P226 and P250 semi-auto ASP air pistols shoot pellets in .177 caliber and feature a realistic blowback action of the metal slide.  Both models have an auto decocking feature for enhanced safety, a 16-round rotary-clip magazine (8×2), rifled barrel, front blade sight, and fixed rear sight.   Accessory rails on the P226 and P250 also allow mounting of a laser or tactical flashlight.  The P226 .177 caliber shoots up to 510 fps and the P250 .177 caliber – up to 500 fps, say SIG SAUER.

Below is the P226 in Flat Dark Earth.

SIG SAUER Airguns Launched

SIG SAUER airguns are currently available in the following models and colors:

– MPX .177 (Black),
– MPX .177 MRD (Black or Flat Dark Earth),
– MPX .22 (Black),
– MPX .22 MRD (Black or FDE),
– MCX .177 (Black),
– MCX .177 Scope or MRD (Black or FDE),
– MCX .22 (Black),
– MCX .22 Scope or MRD (Black or FDE),
– P226 .177 (Black or FDE),
– P250 .177 (Black or Olive Drab Green).

SIG SAUER airguns are designed and engineered to the same exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles.  The company says that each airgun model goes through rigorous testing and must be approved by the SIG SAUER Academy before entering the market.  This stringent quality control process ensures that professionals who train with these airguns experience exceptional performance.

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