Daystate Genus Limited Edition PCP Air Rifle Unveiled

The Daystate Genus is an anniversary model to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its original PCP air rifle. Production is limited to 200 models worldwide.

Daystate’s red carpet event to mark its 40 year, held at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, UK, on 3rd December 2018, offered an entertaining insight into the iconic British airgunmaker’s history. Friends, colleagues and members of the press were present at the Royal Armoury in Leeds to remember the company’s illustrious past and open a window into its bright future.

It also but also provided the launchpad for the limited edition Daystate Genus rifle scheduled to arrive in gun shops in early 2019.
The commemorative Genus pays homage to Daystate’s inaugural rifle, the Huntsman of 1978, which has always been a mainstay of the company’s range. Limited to a worldwide production run of just 200, the Genus incorporates all the technology and features that Daystate’s classic PCP sporter has evolved during its journey from ‘Mk1’ to the present-day HR Huntsman Regal.

However, the celebratory model boasts an extra level of detail that reflects its significance to Daystate’s airgun heritage.
The Daystate Genus is presented in laminate woodwork with contrasting grip and forend caps, complemented by metalwork finished in bronze and gold.

Daystate Genus Limited Edition PCP Air Rifle Unveiled

Further embellishments include commemorative plaques on the breech and stock. The rifles are individually numbered and are supplied with a matching Certificate of Authenticity, a special edition hard cover book and presentation case.

Available to order in .177, .20, .22 or .25 caliber, at power levels from 12 to 40 Ft/lbs, the Daystate Genus limited edition model will retail at £1,849 GBP in the UK. You can find out more about the Genus on the Daystate website.

The Daystate 40th anniversary event featured some 50 classic Daystate models on display. These included some unusual models that few had ever seen.

There was also a chance to see the first ever successful airgun, the Girandoni that was in fact a weapon of war. This was on loan from the Royal Armoury and is just one of some 29,000 guns they hold as the UK collection of firearms.

Many present had never seen one of these in the flesh and were clearly delighted to have the opportunity given to them.

Below, Simon Cockayne of Daystate (left) examines the Girandoni with Mark Murry-Flutter from the Royal Armouries at the 40th anniversary event.

Daystate Genus Limited Edition PCP Air Rifle Unveiled