H&N Slugs Now Available In USA

Airgun slugs are a hot topic right now. So the news that H&N slugs are now available in the USA is a big deal!

The big attraction of slugs is their superior Ballistic Coefficient. This means that they retain their energy downrange better than pellets. They also can offer improved resistance to being blown off target by crosswinds.

As a result, slugs are very attractive for airgun hunting. Particularly if they have a hollow point as these do. And there’s MANY airgun hunters out there!

H&N slugs are now in stock and available from both Pyramyd Air and Airgun Depot.

H&N Slugs Now Available In USA

Hard Air Magazine has been bringing you advanced information about these new H&N slugs since the 2019 IWA Show. We also carried an in-depth interview with Florian Schwartz – the CEO of H&N Sport – in September 2019. There he revealed much background about the company’s experience, thinking and plans for airgun slug development.

For their initial product offering, H&N is targeting .22 caliber slugs. Well, actually it’s more correct to say that they’re making slugs available for .22 caliber airguns…

The reason for this subtle distinction is that H&N slugs are available in two calibers: .217 and .218 inch. Due to the different characteristics of slugs compared to pellets, shooters are very likely to find that even such a slight difference in diameter will make a significant to the accuracy potential in any specific air rifle.

Which caliber will be be most accurate for your “.22 caliber” air rifle? Unfortunately there’s no easy way to know. You just need to try them. That’s why H&N also has sampler packs available with 40 slugs of each weight in one caliber…

H&N specifies the all-important Ballistic Coefficient as being 0.095 for these slugs. That’s when fired with a Muzzle Energy of 27 Ft/Lbs – relatively low for slugs.

However it still means that a fairly powerful PCP air rifle is recommended. Very few spring/piston airguns are able to produce this level of power.

These slugs are also available in multiple weights from 21 to 30 Grains. So, in fact, there’s no less than ten different combinations of caliber and weight available. Probably the heavier slugs will be more suitable for more powerful air rifles.

H&N Slugs Now Available In USA

Note that the color label on the screw-top lid is the same for all these various slugs. You need to read the label on the underside for confirmation of the precise weight and caliber of the slugs in the tin. Each tin contains 200 slugs, whatever the weight.

H&N Slug HP, .217 Cal., 27 Grains, Hollowpoint, 200ct 0.22
H&N Airgun Slugs