The ReadyAir Compressor And More New Introductions From Umarex

The 2020 SHOT Show saw a slew of new product introductions from Umarex, including a new portable HPA compressor – the ReadyAir.

The Umarex ReadyAir is one of the growing band of portable HPA compressors. This one has a very attractiveMSRP of $499. It can provide a full 4,500 fill capability, says Umarex USA, combined with an automatic overheat shutoff and the capability to be powered from 120 V mains electricity or a 12 Volt DC supply. (Think car battery).

ReadyAir Compressor

Like others of this genre, the ReadyAir is designed to fill PCP air rifles directly, not large tanks. Umarex testing indicates that the ReadyAir can fill a 13 Cubic Inch tank – such the one on the Gauntlet – to 3,000 PSI in 10 minutes.

A larger tank – such as the Hammer’s 32 Cubic Inch tank can be filled to 4,500 PSI in 35 minutes. Of course, most users will be topping-up a part-empty HPA tank with their ReadyAir, so actual fill time will often be considerably shorter.

The ReadyAir compressor has a spectacularly clear and sharp display that will help make operation even easier…

ReadyAir Compressor

Umarex USA was launching some products that have already been reviewed by Hard Air Magazine, but which are still brand new to the market. These include the M1A1 Thompson full auto BB gun and the AirSaber arrow-firing long gun. Both of them are HAM Gold Award winners!

One favorite of the Umarex Team is the new Fusion 2 air rifle. This small, light air rifle is very easy to handle. It includes a 4×32 scope and is fitted with a triangular version of the company’s SilencAir noise reduction system. Muzzle Velocity is up to 700 FPS with alloy pellets in .177 caliber.

One interesting feature of the Fusion 2 is that it can be powered by either an 88 Gram CO2 cartridge, or two 12 Gram cartridges. This works with the 88 Gram cartridge being a native fitment into the gun. Dual 12 Gram cartridge power is achieved by this included adapter. Very ingenious!

The Fusion 2 has a 9-shot rotary magazine that engages in the breech as expected.

The Umarex Origin is a new multi-shot PCP air rifle that’s being sold in a bundle complete with a pump. It’s in .22 caliber using the same magazine as the Umarex Gauntlet.

The Origin has a sidelever cocking action. Umarex says that the Origin can achieve up to 26 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy with a peak velocity of up to 1,000 FPS.

HAM has already carried an announcement of the revolutionary AirJavelin CO2-powered arrow gun. For most of us, the SHOT Show provided the first opportunity to see this interesting product at first hand – as Mark from Umarex shows below.

The AirJavelin’s carbon fiber arrows weigh 170 Grains – about half that of those of the AirSaber – and they are correspondingly shorter. Cocking is accomplished by a straight-pull bolt action. The handle is prominent in our photograph below.

Naturally, Umarex was also showing some new CO2-powered replica air pistols! One was a revised pellet-firing version of the Walther PPQ.

Unlike the previous model, this uses a high capacity belt feed, instead of the rotary 8-shot clips of the previous version.

Then there were the Glocks! One is a new BB-firing version of the Glock 19X.

There’s also a new G17 Generation 5 – a pellet-firing pistol. Both these Glocks have a blowback slide action, together with drop-free magazines.

As with the Glock 19 Gen 3 model recently reviewed by HAM, these new models were extremely realistic and looked to be very well manufactured. Glock fanciers will undoubtedly be pleased!

The 2020 SHOT Show may now be over, but there’s more news to come in more reports over the next few days. Keep checking HAM to find out more!