Now You Can Redeem HAM Airgun Points In UK And Europe!

Many HAM Community members living outside the USA have asked us to extend the exciting HAM Community’s Airgun Points scheme to include them. Well, we’ve done it! Now you can redeem HAM Airgun Points in UK and Europe.

HAM Community members outside the US have always been able to accrue HAM Airgun Points. However, it’s been challenging to work-out how they can be redeemed in countries outside the USA.

But now HAM Community members in the UK and Europe can redeem their HAM Airgun Points through new offers in the BRK/Brocock, Daystate and MTC Optics online stores. Plus, they can also choose to redeem for the “guaranteed Extreme Benchrest attendance” offer, if desired.

Now You Can Redeem HAM Airgun Points In UK And Europe!

Interestingly, the BRK/Brocock, Daystate and MTC Optics redemption offers require just 100 HAM Airguns Points to achieve a 10% discount for purchases. WOW!

That’s a great offer if you want to buy airgun parts, accessories, scopes and even pellets. These stores are based in the UK but will accept orders – and ship – to other European countries.

However this offer cannot not apply to airguns for legal reasons. Products cannot be shipped to the USA either. Sorry about that.

Below. Here’s the range of products available in the Daystate online shop.

As a reminder, Hard Air Magazine Airgun Points are our way to say “thank you” to HAM Community members. You accrue them by being an active member of the Hard Air Magazine Community, by helping others and generally having fun!

How Hard Air Magazine Airgun Points Work…

To benefit from these offers, simply redeem your HAM Points – when you have enough – using our built-in redemption system. It works just like an online shopping cart.

Start by clicking on the HAM POINTS link at the top of the page. Then you can choose the offer you wish from the options you see. Now you can redeem your points with just a few simple clicks.

For full, comprehensive instructions on how to redeem your HAM Airgun Points, check-out this HAM post.

Below. Here’s the range of products offered by the MTC Optics online store.

The Big Difference Between HAM Airgun Points And Other Loyalty Programs

Other loyalty programs (all, or almost all) require you to spend money to receive rewards. (You need to buy an airline ticket to gain frequent flyer miles, for example).

With HAM Airgun Points, you don’t spend any money!

You accrue HAM Points simply by participating in the HAM Community. This means that you gain points for simply doing what you love!

And unlike draws and giveaways, there’s not just one winner. Everyone wins with HAM Airgun Points!

For full details of how you accrue Hard Air Magazine Airgun Points, check out this page in the Community.

Below. Here’s an indication of the range of products in the BRK/Brocock online shop.

So Many Offers….

There’s now no less than NINE different HAM Airgun Points redemption offers for Community members. That’s nine more reasons to be an active contributing member of the HAM Community.

Happy New Year!