First Look At The Brocock Concept Lite Air Rifle

A new Brocock Concept Lite air rifle has just arrived in the HAM offices for review. So let’s take a look at it before the comprehensive testing gets under way…

As we reported recently, the Brocock Concept Lite is a modular air rifle from the British manufacturer. The look is obviously tactical and the weight light.

For sighting, we mounted a MTC Mamba Lite 4-16 x42 scope to the gun using UTG Pro rings. This combination worked well and gives a good balance to the gun.

First Look At The Brocock Concept Lite Air Rifle

Then we attached an UTG rubber-armored bipod to the lower Picatinny rail.

Even with the scope and bipod mounted, the weight of the complete rig was still only 9 Lbs 0 Oz. So the “Lite” part of the product name is obviously justified.

The oversize bolt handle is a notable feature of the Brocock Concept Lite. It’s certainly easy to grasp and operate.

First Look At The Brocock Concept Lite Air Rifle

Just forward of the bolt handle is the power adjustment control. It’s set to maximum power, as most shooters will also most likely select.

Although most shooters will probably use the 10-shot rotary magazine, there’s also a single shot adapter supplied with the Brocock. It is readily-accessible and easy to use, should you want to single load pellets and are right-handed.

First Look At The Brocock Concept Lite Air Rifle

The shrouded barrel has a retaining nut at its end. This can be removed and replaced by a moderator or the very cool-looking (at least in our opinion) Brocock muzzle brake. Below we see the retaining nut part removed from the barrel.

The AR15-style collapsible stock gives a maximum pull length of 16.25 Inches at full extension. It was easy to operate and locked solidly into position in our examination.

Yet, when collapsed, the overall length of the gun comes down to just 32.5 inches. The manufacturer is positioning this air rifle as a compact hunter, and the stock plays a big part in this.

There’s sling holes in the rear of the stock. With a sling swivel attached to the appropriate side Picatinny rail, the Brocock will be convenient to carry in the field, too.

Stay tuned for the full HAM test review of this interesting new air rifle. It will be coming soon!

Brocock Concept Lite Air Rifle