FX Impact Slug Power Kit Now Available

The new FX Impact Slug Power Kit provides existing Impact owners with the ability to upgrade the power of their air rifle. This is particularly useful for shooting airgun slugs and other heavy projectiles.

This simple kit brings some key modifications to the rifle to maximize the power and accuracy potential of the Impact, especially when using slugs.

Increased velocity is achieved in large part to the addition of two hammer weight spacers. These are placed in front of the return spring on the hammer weight guide. This allows for more compression on the hammer spring as well as adding more weight to the overall hammer.

FX Impact Slug Power Kit Now Available

Combined with the hammer weight spacers is a replacement valve return spring. This is slightly lighter than the original spring, thus allowing the valve to stay open longer when the gun is fired. This allows more air through the valve for each shot, the better to propel heavier projectiles like airgun slugs.

Also included in this Slug Power Kit is a cleverly designed pin probe. This probe was developed in collaboration with World Champion 25 Meter WRABF champion Hein Fromann, his fellow South African Matt Dubber, and Johan Axelsson from FX Airguns.

This adjustable pin probe allows for adjustable seating depth, dependent on your projectile. FX Airguns says that this aids in accuracy. The improvement is attributed to improved seating of the projectile into the barrel.

The pin probe also increases the air flow in the barrel due to its slimmer design. The kit comes with a .22 caliber pin probe. An additional sleeve slides over it to create a .25 caliber pin probe.

The company says that test results were impressive. Installation of the FX Impact Slug Power Kit resulted in increased velocities gained as well as increased accuracy. Results will vary based on caliber and weight of projectile, but initial FX testing on a variety of projectiles resulted in the following range improvements.

The company tells HAM that installation of the FX Impact Slug Power Kit can be undertaken by the owner. It does, however, involve some level of competence in working on the FX Impact.

As an aid, FX has released this new video with Ernest Rowe showing the installation steps.

Those that do not feel comfortable with the work can contact their local FX Dealer for FX Airguns USA.

The FX Impact Slug Power Kit has been shipped to dealers and many have them in stock. Dealers globally should either have the Slug Power Kit or be getting it shortly. Pricing varies depending on region.

FX Impact Slug Power Kit