Hard-Air CO2 Now Available – It’s No Relation To HAM!

Yes, that’s right. Hard-Air CO2 is now available! Hard-Air – with a hyphen – is a new brand name being used by prominent UK sporting goods distributor Highland Outdoors.

Highland Outdoors is using Hard-Air as a trademarked sub-brand in association with it’s Webley airgun brand. There’s no link to Hard Air Magazine which, of course, has been publishing since 2014 (and does not have a hyphen).

However, the HAM Team thinks it’s a great name! We wonder how they thought of that???

The first Webley Hard-Air product is a box of 25, 12 Gram CO2 cartridges. According to the manufacturer, these include Webley’s TRU-GLIDE lubricant in the cartridge. This apparently provides “added performance across a broad range of temperatures”.

Hard-Air CO2 Now Available - It's No Relation To HAM!

Clearly this would be ideal for use in the popular Webley Mk VI CO2-powered BB revolver that’s another Highland Outdoors product.

A second Hard-Air product is also scheduled to be introduced in future. This will be 88 Gram cartridges of CO2, also – of course – intended for airgun use.

Highland Outdoors says that Hard-Air 12 Gram cartridges are available now. They sell in the UK for £10.99 a box.