Coming Soon! The Air Venturi Avenger PCP Air Rifle

Pyramyd Air tells us that they expect to have the new Air Venturi Avenger PCP air rifle available around the end of June 2020. HAM readers first heard about it in our report from the 2020 SHOT Show.

This new model is a new entrant in the “$300 PCP” air rifle market that was pioneered by the Umarex Gauntlet. However it is the first gun in this price range to offer an externally-adjustable regulator.

Coming Soon! The Air Venturi Avenger PCP Air Rifle

The regulator is adjusted using a screw in the underside of the stock, just ahead of the trigger.

Coming Soon! The Air Venturi Avenger PCP Air Rifle

In combination with the externally-adjustable hammer spring adjuster, this means that the Air Venturi Avenger PCP air rifle offers huge opportunities for the enthusiastic tuner. This level of flexibility in a regulated, $300 PCP has not been available before!

The Air Venturi Avenger PCP air rifle  has a sidelever action and uses a rotary magazine that’s common with the Seneca Aspen, Umarex Gauntlet and Benjamin Marauder. Capacity is 8 shots in .25 cal, 10 shots in .177 and .22 calibers.

Given its significant “tunability” potential, the Avenger’s performance will depend largely on the owner’s requirements. But Pyramyd Air is giving the following specs as guidance.

CaliberMuzzle Velocity (Max.)Muzzle Energy (Max.)Consistent Shots Per Fill
.1771,000 FPS22 Ft/Lbs70 shots max.
.22930 FPS34 Ft/Lbs60 shots max.
.25900 FPS45 Ft/Lbs24 shots max.

Maximum fill pressure is 4,350 PSI. Highest regulator set pressure is 3,000 PSI (for maximum power). Lower regulator pressures will give more, lower power shots per fill.

Another unique feature on a “$300 PCP” is the provision of two pressure gauges. One monitors the HPA tube fill pressure, the other the regulator set pressure. This is good as the shooter can then easily monitor the state of the gun and be aware when it needs refilling.

Coming Soon! The Air Venturi Avenger PCP Air Rifle

The high fill pressure means that this gun is ideally-suited for use with a small compressor such as the Air Venturi Nomad, rather than a hand pump.

Usability is further enhanced by the adjustable, two-stage trigger and the Picatinny rail under the forend for mounting a bipod. There’s a combined Picatinny/dovetail rail for scope mounting, too.

Hard Air Magazine hopes to have an Air Venturi Avenger PCP air rifle for test soon. It’s going to be interesting!

You can pre-order the Avenger already from Airgun Depot and Pyramyd Air.

Air Venturi Avenger, Regulated PCP Air Rifle 0.177
Air Venturi Avenger