Alternative Method Used For Winners Of 2020 JROTC And CMP Air Rifle Matches

To make up for unexpected changes to the 2020 JROTC and CMP air rifle matches, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has devised an alternative method of establishing and awarding top junior athletes in its unfired national events.

Each year, two of the biggest competitions in the world of junior air rifle are the JROTC and the CMP Three-Position Air Rifle Championships. Both begin in the fall with a postal match before moving on to regional competitions that eventually lead to the crowning national events in the spring and early summer, where overall champions in sporter and precision classes are finally determined.

The 2020 JROTC Championships accommodate high school scholastic athletes from around the country. The CMP Three-Position event welcomes a variety of junior individuals and teams from schools and clubs.

With many districts closed for the remainder of the year due to COVID-19, the decision was made in early spring to cancel the JROTC Air Rifle National Championships and the CMP Three-Position Regional/National events. The CMP would rather cancel the events entirely than carry on without full participation from qualifying schools.

Recalling its mission of awarding talented junior marksmen, the CMP remained enthusiastic about recognizing those junior athletes who exhibited exceptional performances in the fired portions of the Three-Position Championships and named winners from the following matches that were able to be completed as scheduled.

2020 JROTC Three-Position Air Rifle Championships:

Prize money reserved for the JROTC National Championship was used to award those who recorded outstanding scores in the JROTC Service Championships (fired in Ohio, Alabama and Arizona). Those finalized results can be found on CMP’s Competition Tracker page at

The Top 5 teams and individuals from precision and sporter classes were presented with monetary awards for their success during the match.

Precision Teams

Team Name                    Award Money
1 Granbury HS TX 1          $2,000.00
2 East Coweta HS GA       $1,500.00
3 La Cueva HS NM 1         $1,000.00
4 Joshua HS TX                 $750.00
5 Eldorado HS NM            $500.00

Sporter Teams

Team Name                   Award Money
1 Nation Ford HS SC        $2,000.00
2 Zion-Benton HS IL       $1,500.00
3 Jack C. Hays HS TX      $1,000.00
4 Nation Ford HS SC B    $750.00
5 Lebanon HS OR             $500.00

Precision Individuals

Name And Team                                                      Award Money
1 Philip Becker (204588) Granbury HS TX               $500.00
2 Ionee Mendoza (296002) Parlier HS CA                $400.00
3 Kaylene Castillo (263667) Eldorado HS NM         $300.00
4 Allison Henry (233890) Granbury HS TX 1          $200.00
5 Clarissa Layland (255915) Granbury HS TX 1       $100.00

Sporter Individuals

Name And Team                                                       Award Money
1 Halie Creekmore (296147) Zion-Benton HS IL 1     $500.00
2 Maya Cameron (331188) Nation Ford HS SC 1,       $400.00
3 Alexia Resendiz (263632) Zion-Benton HS IL 1      $300.00
4 Kayla Kalenza (296557) Nation Ford HS SC 1         $200.00
5 Alana Ruggiero (331185) Nation Ford HS SC 1       $100.00

In addition to money awarded by the CMP, Larry and Brenda Potterfield from the MidwayUSA Foundation offered generous donations to be distributed amongst those teams that qualified to attend the JROTC Service Championships.

2020 CMP Three-Position Air Rifle Championships:

The CMP Three-Position Air Rifle Match schedule was also disrupted this spring – with only the Postals Match completed earlier in the year. Regional competitions set for March and April in Ohio, Alabama and Utah were ultimately cancelled.

Below are the Top 5 highest scoring teams and individuals in both precision and sporter from the Postals results. View a complete list of results on the CMP Competition Tracker page:

Precision Teams

1 Ontelaunee Jr. Rifle PA 1
2 Gallatin Valley Sharp Shooter MT 1
3 Capitol City Junior Rifle Club WA 1
4 Hellgate Rifle MT 1
5 Sabertooth Shooting Squad WA 1

Sporter Teams

1 Zion-Benton HS IL 1
2 Lebanon HS OR 1
3 Boca Ciega HS FL 1
4 Des Moines North Marine Corps JROTC IA 1
5 Denver North AJROTC HS CO 1

Precision Individuals

Name And Team
1 Mackenzie Strauch, Gallatin Valley Sharp Shooter MT 1
2 Katrina Demerle, Fairfield Sportsmen’s Association OH
3 Marcus Klemp, Hellgate Rifle MT 1
4 Scott Rockett, Patriot Shooting Club of VA 4-H VA 1
5 Allison Buesseler MN Centershots Legion Post 102 1

Sporter Individuals

Name And Team
1 Shelby Carr, Guns R Us 4-H NE
2 Jeremiah Vonzell, Zion-Benton HS IL
3 Christopher Hicks, Culpeper County MCJROTC VA 1
4 Zoe Geoghegan, Lebanon HS OR 1
5 Katrena Silletto, Denver North AJROTC HS CO 1

Congratulations to all awarded teams and individuals! The CMP was saddened to have to cancel these always exciting and meaningful 2020 JROTC and CMP air rifle matches. But they are happy to be able to still recognize these talented athletes for their hard work and determination!