Hatsan USA Announces The Volt Dual Power HPA Compressor

The Volt Dual Power HPA Compressor is another new product being announced by Hatsan ahead of the 2020 SHOT Show. Its dual-power design allows it to run on either a 12V power source or plugged directly into a wall outlet.

Hatsan explains that a smart digital gauge unit controls the power and auto-shutoff pressure, which can be set in 10-BAR increments. The screen displays system voltage, system pressure, and the set shutoff pressure.

Internal sensors keep the system from overheating, and a digital display lets users keep an eye on operating temperatures. An internal cooling fan turns on and off automatically with each fill to keep the system temperature in check.

At just 14.5 pounds, the Volt Dual Power HPA compressor is smaller and lighter than the competition, says Hatsan. They also claim that can fill airguns up to 10% faster than other compact units.

There’s a top- mounted carrying handle for easy transport. Hatsan also explains that the Volt compressor has a tough steel frame is built to withstand years of use.

The maintenance-free design is air-cooled and doesn’t require any special lubrication procedures to operate. Its microbore fill whip features quick disconnect ends and has a built-in moisture filter to keep the internals of your favorite airgun clean. Spare filters are also included in the box.

A moisture filter or – preferably – dessicant system is vitally important for filling any PCP air gun with High Pressure Air. If moisture gets into the gun, it causes corrosion and laeking problems, as described in this HAM article.

The Volt joins the other models in Hatsan’s existing HPA compressor range.
The MSRP is to be $699.99.