New JSB Simply Airgun Pellets For Practice And Plinking

JSB Simply Airgun Pellets are a new line from the famous Czech manufacturer. These .177 caliber wadcutters are intended primarily for target practice. They can also be used for plinking too.

New JSB Simply Airgun Pellets For Practice And Plinking

The genesis for the Simply Airgun Pellets idea was an initiative by JSB to support youth competitive shooters in Europe. On the other side of “The Pond”, 10 Meter precision target shooting is even bigger than it is here in the USA!

The idea was to provide a training and practice pellet that has the same shooting characteristics as the popular JSB Match and Premium Match wadcutter pellets, but at a significantly lower price point. HAM readers first learned of Simply pellets in our 2020 SHOT Show report.

That way, shooting teams can spread their pellet purchasing budget. Simply pellets can provide more practice and training shots for the same $. Then shooters can use the more expensive JSB Match and Premium Match pellets for ultimate accuracy in competition.

This means that JSB is now offering .177 caliber wadcutter pellets with the same shooting characteristics in three grades: Simply, Match Diabolo and Premium Match Diabolo.

New JSB Simply Airgun Pellets For Practice And Plinking

JSB Simply Airgun Pellets are produced at the famous Czech factory. They’re manufactured using the same dies as the more expensive versions, too.

So what’s the difference? It’s in the varying levels of packaging and manual inspection time between the three pellet grades…

JSB Premium Match Diabolo Exact pellets have the highest level of quality control inspection. They’re individually selected and weighed using an extremely sensitive milligram balance to a tolerance of +/- 0.015 Grains. Then they’re hand-packed into trays, then packaged in plastic boxes.

JSB Match Diabolo wadcutters are essentially the same pellets. But they’re packed in tins and don’t have that final stage of “one-by-one” selection and weighing accorded to the Premium pellets.

JSB Simply Airgun Pellets are – again – essentially the same pellets. However are not individually hand sorted by JSB’s famous army of pellet testers!

By omitting the hand inspection and selection – although none of the other quality checks and steps, JSB Simply pellets can be made available at a much lower price than the superior grades.

Other cost-containment moves mean that Simply pellets will remain packed in push-top lid tins as they have a lower manufacturing cost. And there are no Lot Numbers on the tins, either. However, they do receive the foam disk for protection during transit.

Simply pellets are available in two weights: 8.02 Grains and 8.26 Grains. This means that they correspond to the existing JSB Middle Weight and Heavy Weight wadcutter pellets.

For identification, you’ll see that tins of 8.02 Grain Simply pellets are sealed with yellow sticky tape to match the yellow label of the Middle Weight Match grade tins. The heavier 8.26 Grain Simply pellets have blue sticky tape to reflect the blue label of the Heavy Weight Match Grade pellets. Geddit??

New JSB Simply Airgun Pellets For Practice And Plinking

The US importers for JSB pellets – Predator International – tell HAM that trial packages of Simply pellets have been very well received by JROTC clubs already.

They also say that the first production shipments of Simply Airgun Pellets are already in the USA and are on their way to dealers. You’ll be able to buy them within the next few days!