New FX Wildcat MkIII Is Launched – And Available – Today!

FX Airguns has launched the new FX Wildcat MkIII. It has many improvements over previous Wildcats and is available in two versions – the shorty Wildcat MkIII Compact and the longer Wildcat MkIII Sniper.

Wildcat MkIII CompactWildcat MkIII Sniper
Calibers.177, .22, .25. .30.22, .25, .30
Weight6.0 Lbs6.75 Lbs
Overall Length26.75 Inches37.75 Inches
Barrel Length500 mm700 mm
Air Capacity230 cc300 cc

New FX Wildcat MkIII Is Launched

But – perhaps the most unusual part about this new model – is that it’s available for retail sale on the same day as the launch. Yes, you can actually buy it today! FX is claiming that this is unprecedented for an airgun manufacturer and it’s really tough to think of another example of that happening before…

The improvements start inside the Wildcat’s main block. The sidelever action remains, however FX Airguns increased the plenum size and air flow of the Wildcat MkIII while also improving the valve. The result of these changes to the give more flexibility, power and efficiency needed for shooters, says FX Airguns.

In addition, it gives greater versatility, together with the ability to fire pellets and slugs successfully.

Power adjustments to the Wildcat MkIII are built around the new Rear Power Adjuster. This power adjuster is claimed to be a breakthrough as it allows for both micro and macro power adjustments to the hammer spring.

The rear power adjuster has 7 presets for the hammer. However the hammer tension can be adjusted more fully higher or lower using an Allen wrench through a hole found in the 8th position of the adjuster. This allows the Wildcat hammer to be fully adjusted in harmony with the externally adjustable AMP regulator.

New FX Wildcat MkIII Is Launched

The Wildcat MkIII is a fully adjustable rifle that also now allows the ability to swap calibers and barrels quickly and easily much like the other modern FX rifles.

Of course, the Wildcat MkIII incorporates the company’s AMP regulator and is fitted with an adjustable match trigger.

FX has also upgraded the magazine. The Wildcat MkIII now uses the high-capacity Side-Shot magazine (as used on the FX Crown and FX Dreamline). This more than doubles its shot count over the MKII magazine. Capacity is 18 rounds in .22 caliber, 16 rounds in .25 cal and 13 rounds in .30 cal.

Wildcat MkIII CompactWildcat MkIII Sniper
Shots Per Fill100 shots in .177
60 shots in .22
35 shots in .25
18 shots in .30
90 shots in .22
55 shots in .25
35 shots in .30
Muzzle Energy.177 up to 20 Ft/Lbs
.22 up to 40 Ft/Lbs
.25 up to 55 Ft/Lbs
.30 up to 70 Ft/Lbs
.22 up to 50 Ft/Lbs
.25 up to 70 Ft/Lbs
.30 up to 85 Ft/Lbs

All Wildcat MKIIIs, will ship with the new FX Superior STX barrel liner. This barrel liner is a great leap forward in the Smooth Twist X barrel technology, says FX Airguns, because it allows for a higher precision for both pellets and hybrid slugs.

New FX Wildcat MkIII Is Launched

The FX Wildcat MkIII Compact has a 500 mm long barrel and is available in calibers from .177 to .30 cal. The MkIII Sniper has a larger (300 cc) air cylinder and a 700 mm long barrel – it’s available in .22 caliber, .25 cal and .30.

Both models have a synthetic stock with shrouded barrel. Moderators are available separately.

For FX dealers found within the USA, the Wildcat MKIII will have as standard an upgraded Picatinny scope rail. (This is available in other regions as an upgrade option over the standard dovetail rail).

Contact your local FX Dealer for pricing and availability. FX dealers in the USA have the Wildcat MKIII in stock. Other regions either have the Wildcat MKIII in stock or will have it soon.

FX Wildcat MK111 Sniper