SIG SAUER P365 BB Pistol Now Shipping

The new SIG SAUER P365 BB Pistol is now shipping. HAM readers first discovered this new model in our report from the 2019 SHOT Show. Now it’s available for purchase – or at least will be in the next few days!

The P365 BB pistol is a just about exact replica of the award-winning SIG SAUER P365 9mm concealed-carry firearm. It has a metal slide with realistic blowback action. The frame is synthetic, as with the centerfire version.

The drop-free magazine holds 12 BBs, together with a 12 Gram CO2 cartridge.

And it’s tiny! The P365 BB Pistol must be about the smallest-ever CO2 airgun. The compact size of the firearm original certainly generated some engineering challenges in creating the CO2-powered version. But it looks like these have been overcome extremely well.

SIG Air is positioning the an exceptional training tool for personal defense. They say that this BB pistol is designed to fit in available P365 holster systems for easy practice of efficiently drawing from concealment.

Just like the centerfire version, the safety is manual and the sights offer high visibility dots for aiming. The slide also locks back when the pistol is empty. This is a great feature that’s not found on all CO2-powered replicas.

Muzzle Velocity is specified as being up to 295 FPS. Wisely, SIG stresses that velocity results may vary depending on temperature and altitude. They will also very depending on the rate of fire, too.

Of course, these effects are present for every CO2-powered airgun, not just the P365. That’s just physics, but not every manufacturer chooses to recognize them publicly!

Additional magazines are also available, according to the Pyramyd Air website. As with most semi-auto BB-firing air pistols, it will be a wise investment to purchase a few extra. Then you can maximize the time spent shooting, rather than loading, during one session.

SIG SAUER P365 BB Pistol Now Shipping


Total length: 5.75 Inches
Barrel length: 3.25 Inches
Weight: 0.8 Lbs
Muzzle Velocity: up to 295 FPS
Warranty: 12 months
MSRP: $99.99

Sig Sauer P365 ASP Air Pistol 12-shot BB Magazine
SIG SAUER P365 BB Pistol