Velocity Outdoor Launches New Remington R1100 Air Rifle

Velocity Outdoor has announced that the new Remington R1100 air rifle is now shipping. It was launched at the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, back in January.

The Remington R1100 is based on the Crosman 760 platform. However, it is styled with visual cues from the Remington Model 1100 shotgun. This shotgun look makes the air rifle unique, with it’s ventilated barrel rib and other design features.

Velocity Outdoor Launches New Remington R1100 Air Rifle

As with its Crosman 760 cousin, the Remington R1100 uses a multi-pump pneumatic action. The manufacturer shows that variable Muzzle Velocities can be obtained from 300 FPS with three pumps, right up to 700 FPS with 12 pumps.

That “up to 700 FPS” is achieved with alloy airgun pellets, according to the manufacturer. The maximum claimed velocity with lead pellets is 615 FPS. The maximum with BBs is 645 FPS.

The Remington R1100 features a larger forearm than the Crosman 760. This is said to give a better grip and leverage when pumping.

Velocity Outdoor Launches New Remington R1100 Air Rifle

The R1100 is able to hold up to 1,000 BBs internally. These are loaded through a trap in the base of the buttstock.

If preferred, the gun can be fired using pellets. These are single-loaded using the port in the side of the receiver, just ahead of the cocking lever.

Price is anticipated to be the same as the Crosman 760. You can find out more about the R1100 at the Velocity Outdoor website.