Coming Soon – Saber Tactical Airgun Upgrades

Saber Tactical airgun upgrades and accessories first appeared at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge.

Although it’s a new name, Saber Tactical is the new brainchild of three people already well-known in the airgun world. That’s the guys in our photograph above.

They are Donny Du – better known to many as Donny FL – together with the father and son duo of Val and Thayne Simmons. Val and Thayne are the inventors and manufacturers of the Side-Shot camera adapter, among other things.

Together, Val, Thayne and Donny are teaming-up to introduce a range of airgun upgrades and accessories under the Saber Tactical banner. First – at least – they are concentrating on the FX Impact.

At the time of writing this story, the Saber Tactical website is still under construction. But in this post, we can list some of the initial products that the new company plans to sell in the near future. Our photographs show samples that were being used at the RMAC…

Coming Soon - Saber Tactical Airgun Upgrades

First is an accessory rail that fits between the pistol grip and butt of the FX Impact air rifle. This allows the Impact to be shot with the support of a shooting bag, as shown above.

Below, we see the trio’s take on producing an adjustable cheek piece for the Impact.

Coming Soon - Saber Tactical Airgun Upgrades

Another Saber Tactical upgrade is a left-hand cocking lever conversion for the Impact. This is shown in the photograph below.

Coming Soon - Saber Tactical Airgun Upgrades

It uses the existing FX cocking lever assembly, with the handle assembled the other way up (of course). In the photograph below, we see the cocking lever removed to show more details of the left-handed breech.

Val Simmons also was shooting an Impact fitted with his sliding action conversion. This uses a push-pull slider mechanism which translates this action to operate the regular Impact side lever – a very interesting concept. It sure was fast!

Below, Val is operating his slide action Impact.

Just visible at the front is another future Saber Tactical product, it’s an adapter that allows a Picatinny rail to be attached to the HPA tank of an FX air rifle. A bipod can then be mounted on that far further forward than is possible with the standard FX guns.

It looks like there will be a lot of exciting new products to come from Saber Tactical in future!