Let’s Look Again At The BSA R-10 SE PCP Air Rifle

Hard Air Magazine reviewed the BSA R-10 SE PCP air rifle back in August 2017. We liked it then and it earned a score of 88% on test. That means that it dropped out of Gold Award territory just by a point or two. Hey, we’re tough but fair at HAM!

Now we’re looking at it again. Why? Well, there’s been a significant – like HUGE – change in the price. That means that we’re going back to re-test a classic.

BSA R-10 SE PCP Air Rifle

To be clear, the BSA R-10 SE PCP air rifle is definitely “old school”. Like really old school!

Here we have a traditional wood-and-metal air rifle operated using a good, old-fashioned bolt handle. There’s not a trace of “black gun”, AR-style to be seen anywhere. Many people will like it for that alone.

The HAM Team feel that the R-10 is a beautiful airgun. It’s heirloom-grade.

The Italian-made Minelli stock is made from some fine-looking walnut. There’s some nice “tiger striping” on the review gun’s stock, the checkering is nice and the rosewood cap at the front end of the stock adds a really stylish touch.

Plus, the adjustable “soft touch” stock comb is luxurious. Combined with the “all way adjustable” buttpad, it allows for an easy, comfortable fit for the shooter. That’s always been a strong contributor to consistent, accurate shooting and it still is…

Thank BSA, too, for having Minelli install sling swivel studs. Personally, I find a sling vital for accurate offhand shooting but would be frightened to drill such a beautiful stock to fit these studs – particularly on a new gun!

Yes, we have a regulator and a shrouded barrel with silencer. There’s a magazine feed, too. But that’s about it for modern conveniences. Here we have none of the adjustability that’s so fashionable nowadays on all manner of modern PCPs.

Power levels are relatively modest, too. In .25 caliber it’s 36 Ft/Lbs. 30 Ft/Lbs is the specification in .22 caliber. In .177, it’s 20 Ft/Lbs. But for many people, that’s quite enough power. Most of us don’t really need more.

BSA R-10 SE PCP Air Rifle

There’s no option to change transfer port size, hammer spring tension or regulator setting from outside the gun. The R-10 is a straightforward air rifle that you just take out and shoot.

And that’s still what many people want!

Plus, no adjustments mean that there’s nothing to get wrong. Not that any of us would get into trouble when tuning our shiny, multi-adjustable new PCP, would we?

Then again, no-one is shouting about the R-10. It’s not something to attract the pack of YouTubers hungry to show us the latest and greatest(?) new models.

So, we’re here to tell you that the BSA R-10 SE PCP air rifle is still available. Now what about the price?

Well, when we tested the R-10 back in 2017, it was selling for $1,300. If we were to factor-in the inflation that’s happened between then and now, that price should be around $1,650.

But it’s not.

Instead the base model is selling at Airguns of Arizona for just $800!

That’s a remarkable  52% saving against that $1,650 price that we might reasonably expect to pay. Even the fancy, thumbhole-stocked model we have here is selling at just $900. That’s 46% less than that $1,650 number and probably 50% less than the 2017 price.


All this makes the BSA R-10 SE PCP air rifle interesting as a classic air rifle at a great price. That’s why HAM is going to re-test it.

Keep watching this space…

BSA R-10 SE Thumbhole