Many Notable Airgun Industry Personalities At Extreme Benchrest 2019

Extreme Benchrest is always note for the many notable airgun industry personalities who attend. Some shoot, others are there as observers or supporters. Here’s just some of those present this year…

Of course, that’s Jim Chapman – the American Airgun Hunter – in our photograph above. Jim was shooting in several of the competitios at EBR and having a great time.

Michael Wendt, the owner of the Airgun Nation Forum is a well-known face at airgun shooting events. He’s a successful competitor with a number of wins at Extreme Benchrest in previous years. This year he wasn’t shooting but just enjoying the atmosphere…

…while his friend and YouTuber Steve Scialli was also hard at work creating a video of EBR. Steve always has a camera in his hands and usually a smile as well!

Many Notable Airgun Industry Personalities At Extreme Benchrest 2019

Perhaps a less known face – but definitely a well known name attending EBR 2019 was Dr Frank Walther (right), the Managing Director of Lothar Walther, the famous barrel maker. Lothar Walther barrels are used in the majority of airguns being shot here at Extreme Benchrest. Everyone knows of their quality!

Many Notable Airgun Industry Personalities At Extreme Benchrest 2019

Other notable airgun industry personalities included Mauro Marocchi (left) and Adriano Nodari. Mauro is the owner of Daystate Airguns and Adriano is the chief designer for the company.

Many Notable Airgun Industry Personalities At Extreme Benchrest 2019

Tom Costan is the President of American Air Arms. His EVOL and Slayer airguns have been prominent at Extreme Benchrest this year. That’s Tom below, along with some of his creations.

Joe Rhea is unmistakable with his eye patch. He’s a great guy with a terrific YouTube channel specializing in scope reviews. He was shooting at EBR and is always great fun to spend time with.

Tom Adams is another YouTuber and the owner of Tom Cat Airguns. He delivered a fantastic performance in today’s Speed Silhouette competition, shooting his Daystate Red Wolf. Rarely have any of us seen a standard sidelever air rifle loaded and fired so fast!

Huge Variety Of Airguns Used At EBR 2019

Joe Brancato, The Airgun Scientist was also shooting at EBR. Joe is another regular on the competitive benchrest airgun circuit and always shoots well.

Rossi Morreale – he of American Airgunner fame – is always waving his arms around. But in our photograph below he was doing it seriously, in order to attract the attention of a Range Officer over a target issue in the Extreme Benchrest 75 Yard card.

Last but not least, here’s Marly, Dana Webb’s constant canine companion. She’s famous in her own right and was completely unfazed by the number of people milling around and loud shooting noises. What a wonderful dog!

Many Notable Airgun Personalities At Extreme Benchrest 2019

We’ll have more news and photographs tomorrow!