New JSB Slugs Launched At 2020 SHOT Show

More big news from the 2020 SHOT Show is the formal announcement of JSB slugs. The name for them is JSB Knock Out Slugs and we’re sure to be seeing a lot of them in future!

In fact, not only JSB slugs were announced by the company. There’s a veritable avalanche of other new pellets also. And they’re all coming our way in the next few months. Here’s the details…

Firstly, JSB Slugs…

The first JSB Knock Out slugs will be for .22 caliber. We should see them for sale in the US in the next couple of months. (HAM already has some samples, but we were sworn to secrecy until now, so we know they’re close).

For .22 cal use, Knock Out slugs will be available in three actual calibers. That’s .215, .216 and .217 calibers. 

The Ballistic Coefficient marked on the label for JSB .22 cal slugs is 0.084, however JSB is – of course – well aware that BCs are an immensely complex issue and that actual values will be dependent on the actual Muzzle Velocity and many other factors. HAM will be testing slug BCs according to our standard test protocols and will bring you our take on this number in the near future.

New JSB Slugs Launched At 2020 SHOT Show

JSB main man Pavel Kolebac told us that .25 caliber slugs will follow in rapid succession – probably by about May 2020. But that’s not all!

.30 caliber JSB slugs are planned for the July timeframe. 

They will be followed by more .22 caliber slugs – this time in ALLOY! Again, these GTO lead free slugs are to be available in .215, .216 and .217 calibers. Look for these JSB alloy slugs in late Summer 2020.

You won’t be surprised to hear that JSB also has plans for sampler packs for slugs, too. That will allow users to find the best specific caliber for their gun at a more advantageous cost.


New JSB Slugs Launched At 2020 SHOT Show

New JSB Pellet Announcements.

Not content with so many new slugs, JSB also have additional pellets on the way, too.

Look for .177 caliber Hades hunting pellets in around March. The hunting direction is continued with new .30 and .35 caliber Metalmag pellets. They’re scheduled for about April.

Then there’s GTO lead free pellets in big bore calibers, too. Around April is the date for GTO alloys in .30 and .35 calibers.

Finally, there’s a new JSB wadcutter pellet in .177 caliber. They’re called JSB Simply pellets.

These lead pellets are to be available in light, medium and heavy weights – just like those of the JSB Match wadcutters. In fact, these ARE actually JSB Match pellets with one important distinction, they are not individually hand sorted by JSB’s famous army of pellet testers.

By omitting the hand selection – although none of the other quality checks and steps, JSB Simply pellets will be available at a much lower price than hand-sorted JSB Match wadcutters.

Oh – and look for all these new pellets to be available in screw-top tins – except possibly for the large tins. That’s still to be confirmed by the company’s suppliers.

Check out the HAM Guide to JSB Pellet Names – it’s the essential code-breaker for easy understanding of how the company describes its many products.