JSB Factory Video Tour By AEAC

If you’re interested in airgun pellets, you’ll want to watch this JSB factory video tour by AEAC’s Steve Scialli! This video gives you a great insight into the manufacturing steps involved in pellet manufacture.

The video starts with the arrival of lead ingots at the JSB factory in the Czech Republic. It then takes us through melting the lead, drawing it into wire and the molding of the final pellets.

Perhaps most importantly, we see the many – close to 40! – highly-trained pellet testers. They check every single pellet manufactured by the factory and are obviously a huge part of ensuring the reputation for the high quality of JSB pellets.

Overall, JSB manufactures no less than 65 MILLION airgun pellets every month. Wow!!!

We also hear about how JSB manufactures “own brand” pellets for many airgun manufacturers. These include FX and Daystate, among others.

And then there’s a discussion about the latest “hot topic” in the airgun world – slugs! JSB is working on them and will release product when they are ready for prime time, we hear.

It’s interesting to compare this tour with the tour of H&N Sport, published recently by AEAC.

Take a good look at the huge efforts that both of these quality pellet manufacturers put into their products. Through their efforts, it really is amazing that we airgunners can purchase such high quality products for such low cost!