Let’s Look At The Beeman QB II Repeater

Following the announcement that the Beeman QB II Repeater is available and shipping, HAM has received a sample gun. Let’s take a closer look in this article…

The Beeman QB II is a repeater version of the QB78 S, with a 10-shot magazine combined with an appropriate bolt and breech.

Beeman QB II

The magazine uses the familiar spiral spring pellet advance system. However it differs in both external design and location system compared to the common Marauder/Gauntlet version.

There’s a translucent rotating cover plate – as expected. However, the number of shots remaining is indicated on the outside of the pellet rotor. It’s observed through a window in the side of the magazine.

There’s a solid steel post in the magazine well and the magazine clips securely around this when it’s pushed into position. This is another unfamiliar design approach that seems to work well.

The magazine functioned correctly in our brief testing session so far with no jams or mis-feeds.

The breech is of a different design to the traditional, single-shot QB78. It has a cock-on-opening action, as you would expect for smooth feeding in the repeater action. There’s also a rear bolt handle locking slot to hold the bolt back when loading a magazine.

Unlike previous QB78s, the bolt itself projects back through the rear of the breech when in it’s rearward position.

Let's Look At The Beeman QB II Repeater

The Beeman QB II repeater is supplied with fiber optic front and rear sights. Most owners, however, will want to mount a scope. Doing so requires that the rear sight is removed from the breech.

This is not difficult to do, but the user guide supplied with the gun does not provide instructions. So we’ll show you here…

First, remove the windage adjustment screw (1). Then carefully tap out the pivot pin (2) with a thin punch. (I find that it removes best from the side shown here).

Let's Look At The Beeman QB II Repeater

Now you see a flat plastic plate. Unscrew the two fixing screws (3 and 4) below to remove it from the breech. Note that there’s a small spring in the hole in front of screw (4), you may wish to remove this first so that it doesn’t become lost.

Let's Look At The Beeman QB II Repeater

Now the rear sight is removed and you’re ready to fit a scope in the regular manner with one ring ahead of the magazine well and the other behind.

Let's Look At The Beeman QB II Repeater

Here’s the rear sight parts after removal. It’s easy to re-install the rear sight if required, as you can see.

We mounted a Leapers 3-9 x 40AO scope onto the Beeman QB II. Note that, because there is no shroud, the barrel top is below the level of the breech. This means that lower rings than normal can be used to mount the scope, improving the cheek weld in use.

We used a set of medium rings with this 40 mm objective diameter Leapers scope instead of the regular high rings. There’s still plenty of space for the magazine, as you can see below.

Beeman QB II

Enjoy 🙂

Beeman QB II

Beeman Model 1085 QB II CO2 Repeater Air Rifle 0.177