Air Venturi Avenger Tune Overview – And Hand Pump Power Tune

This is the final part of our Air Venturi Avenger tune series. Today, we’ll look at a “Hand Pump Power Tune”. Also we’ll take an overview of the power that’s possible to achieve from this air rifle in .22 caliber and how that relates to differing regulator pressures.

The Hand Pump Power Tune

The aim of this Air Venturi Avenger tune was to increase the power, while retaining a strong shot count, yet fill to just 3,000 PSI.

So, I set the regulator pressure to approximately 1,400 PSI on the gauge. I also increased the hammer spring tension to 2 turns.

The result was 74 consistent shots (with an Extreme Spread of 40 FPS) and an average power of 23.92 Ft/Lbs for those shots. Very good!!!

Air Venturi Avenger Tune Overview

With this tune, we see a phenomenon that had not appeared in the other tunes. In this case, there was a pronounced tendency for the first shot in every new magazine to be high. (Shots 1, 11, 21, 31 etc). The graph below shows this…

Air Venturi Avenger Tune Overview

A logical conclusion is that the gun’s plenum had more time to fill while I was re-loading the magazine than between individual shots. So maybe there was something about this particular regulator pressure setting that caused the phenomenon.

Probably a slight change in the reg pressure setting would fix that little issue. There’s another fun tinkering opportunity…

Now let’s compare the “Hand Pump Tune” from last time with today’s “Hand Pump Power Tune”.

As we can see from the chart below, we have significantly increased the Muzzle Velocity (and hence power) by making quite small changes to the regulator pressure and hammer spring tension. In return, the shot count has decreased, as expected.

Taking the average FPS of the “consistent” shots, we increased the Muzzle Energy by 14% with this power tune. The cost was a reduction in shot count of 18%. Not a bad trade off!

So, could we achieve more power with a maximum 3,000 PSI fill pressure? Of course! It just depends how many (or few) shots you want for your hand-pumping effort.

My personal priority is always more shots over more power. So the tune is done in that way.

If your priority is more power, accepting less shots, that’s no problem. Using the logic in this Air Venturi Avenger tune series – and a chronograph – you can set the gun in that way with your own personal tune.

Air Venturi Avenger Tune Summary

Taking the test data from our three tunes, we can plot the Muzzle Energy obtained against the regulator pressure, as follows. Also included is a “line of best fit” for the three data points.

Air Venturi Avenger Tune Overview

So, this gives us the ability to predict APPROXIMATELY the regulator pressure that’s required to achieve a certain Muzzle Energy with the Avenger using H&N Field Target Trophy pellets in .22 caliber.

For example, to achieve 30 Ft/Lbs Muzzle Energy we would be looking at a regulator pressure of around 2,200 PSI. (Together with a suitably-increased hammer spring tension). As 30 Ft/Lbs requires a Muzzle Velocity of 960 FPS, that’s probably about the maximum we would want with these 14.66 Grain pellets.

To obtain good accuracy, if you want a higher Muzzle Energy, it would be best to use a heavier pellet – as we found in our earlier Full Power Tune.

Here’s an overview of the results achieved during this series.

Tune LevelFill
Full Power4,350 PSI2,900 PSIFull InBaracuda Match
21.14 Grain
884.18 FPS36.71 Ft/Lbs59
Full Power4,350 PSI2,900 PSIFull InField Target
Trophy 14.66 Grain
1,032 FPS34.68 Ft/LbsN/a
Hand Pump
Power Tune
3,000 PSI1,400 PSI2 Turns InField Target
Trophy 14.66 Grain
857.08 FPS23.92 Ft/Lbs74
Hand Pump Tune3,000 PSI1,100 PSI1 Turn InField Target
Trophy 14.66 Grain
801.84 FPS20.93 Ft/Lbs90
Hand Pump Tune2,000 PSI1,100 PSI1 Turn InField Target
Trophy 14.66 Grain
796.6 FPS20.66 Ft/Lbs48

Such enormous tuning flexibility is easily possible with the Avenger. All you need is a chronograph, plenty of pellets, some time and the discipline to record the data you produce in testing. Have fun!

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