Why Is the Umarex Gauntlet The Best Airgun for Me?

Is the Umarex Gauntlet the best airgun for me? Well, of course, it depends what you want to do and what’s important to you! Let’s take a look at this game-changing air rifle and why it could be just the PCP for you…

Price And Specifications

Currently selling for around $325 in .22 and .25 calibers, the Umarex Gauntlet is the air rifle that created the “$300 regulated, silenced multi-shot PCP” market category. In fact, the .177 cal version is now available for as low as $230 – a real bargain!

Umarex Gauntlet The Best Airgun

Since its introduction, other companies have introduced other products into this “$300 PCP” market, but the Gauntlet continues to be a hugely popular choice. The .25 Caliber Gauntlet HAM review was the second most-read of all our tests in 2019 – even without the separate .22 caliber Gauntlet review…

It’s available in .177 cal, .22 and .25 calibers, weighs 8.5 Lbs and has an overall length of 46 Inches.

Muzzle Energy peaks about 18 Ft/Lbs for the .177 model. The maximum Muzzle Velocity is up to the obligatory 1,000 FPS. In .22 caliber, expect to see maxima of 22 Ft/Lbs. Of course the .25 cal version is the most powerful with around 46 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy.

The Gauntlet uses interchangeable HPA bottles, each with a built-in regulator. The two smaller calibers use the extremely low regulator pressure of 1,100 PSI and give around 60 consistent shots per fill. The .25 cal. version uses a higher, 1,900 PSI regulator set point. It gives 30 shots per fill from its larger HPA bottle.

The Gauntlet is supplied without open sights. However, most serious airgunners will choose to mount a riflescope.

As this is a PCP air rifle, any scope will be suitable so long as it can be focused close enough. Of course, a scope with a Mil-Dot or similar graduated reticle will be best, as it allows for holdover when shooting.

Umarex Gauntlet The Best Airgun

Key Features And Benefits

The previously-unavailable combination of price, features and performance has been the key driver of the Gauntlet’s success. That has made the Umarex Gauntlet the best airgun for many people. It remains the case today.

However, the Gauntlet has other benefits. An unique one is the ability to replace the regulated HPA tank with a 9 Oz CO2 tank. (This works for the .177 and .22 caliber versions due to their low regulator pressure).

Umarex Gauntlet The Best Airgun

This means that Gauntlet owners without a hand pump, tank or other source of High Pressure Air can shoot their air rifle using CO2 filled at a local paintball store. This gives slightly reduced Muzzle Velocity, but a spectacular number of shots per fill!

Using CO2 allows Gauntlet owners to start by shooting CO2 – a 9 Oz tank costs just $20 and fills about $5 each – and then progressing to HPA as funds allow for the purchase of charging equipment. This is a strategy unavailable to most PCP air rifles at any price.

A sure sign of the Gauntlet’s popularity has been the appearance of multiple aftermarket upgrades – from larger HPA tanks to tuning kits. Buying a Gauntlet allows you to become part of the aftermarket modding community – should you choose.

And the Gauntlet CAN SHOOT! This was proved at the 2019 Pyramyd Air Cup where a .25 caliber Gauntlet shot its way to the 100 Yard Benchrest finals among a sea of $2,000 PCPs!

Umarex Gauntlet The Best Airgun


Naturally there are a few downsides. The Gauntlet is a long gun and somewhat heavy. And the”cage” around the HPA tank can be fiddly to remove and replace – but you WILL do it, eventually!

Some people don’t like the trigger, although it can be adjusted for much sharper release than is typical from the factory. But doing so requires the stock to be removed first.

The bolt action’s a little rough, too, for some people. But they tend to become smoother with use.

Other Choices

The Gauntlet created the $300 PCP market but there’s more choices every month, it seems.

Among contenders for the Gauntlet’s crown are the Benjamin Fortitude and the Diana Stormrider – if upgraded with a regulator and other goodies. The American Tactical Nova Liberty is another model that’s gained a strong market following.

All of these are HAM Gold Award winners, so it’s difficult to go wrong with any of them.

And now the Air Venturi Avenger is the latest $300 PCP. It offers an externally-adjustable regulator and is specifically aimed at modders and tuners.

Why Is The Umarex Gauntlet The Best Airgun For Me?

If you’re looking for a low-cost way into the world of PCP air rifles, the Umarex Gauntlet could well be the gun for you, too.

Supported by a 3-year warranty, the Gauntlet has proven to be reliable. It has introduced many people to the benefits of regulated PCP shooting. Most of them will never buy an unregulated PCP again.

That unique CO2-fill capability makes the Gauntlet popular with those folk who want to ease their way into PCPs – or even stay with CO2 power. If this appeals to you, there is no other competitor!

As a multiple HAM Gold Award winner, the Umarex Gauntlet offers a great combination of power, accuracy, versatility and value. That alone should put it on your shortlist for your next new air rifle…

Umarex Gauntlet PCP Air Rifle, Synthetic Stock
Umarex Gauntlet Regulated PCP Air Rifle